Zhecheng villager peacock peacock king said more than 1000 build up the family fortunes 9c8836

Farm reporter Chen Haifeng Intern Liu Mengke Ventura Shangqiu newspaper Zhecheng county Zhang Qiao Xiang Da Wei Village Zhecheng villagers raise the peacock peacock king said more than 1000 build up the family fortunes "peacock king" where he Xiaogang Xiaogang breeding nearly 2000 blue peacock, not only become the village scene, so called "build up the family fortunes, peacock king". Today, he set up a peacock farming cooperatives, ready to drive the villagers together to get rich. Recently, the reporter came to the farm where Xiaogang, saw hundreds of blue peacock. He Xiaogang said that his wife also specializes in the production of specimens, a lot of companies call to order, but at least 3 years to be able to make a specimen of the peacock, we can not afford a large number of orders." It is understood that he Xiaogang 53 years old, laying hens breeding for twenty or thirty years, 5 years ago, he started to breed blue peacock. Peacock is much simpler than raising chickens, raising the effectiveness of two years, the proceeds are good, so I bought some, now has raised more than 1800, of which more than 400 kinds of just a peacock." He Xiaogang said. Blue peacock is full of treasure, not only can watch, you can also sell peacock eggs, peacock specimens, etc.. What Xiaogang culture of peacock seedling was sold to Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places, many villagers called him "the peacock king". He Xiaogang told reporters that the breeding of blue peafowl is a popular, many people do not understand the dare raise. Some people think that eating Blue Peacock illegal, in fact, can be sold and eaten blue peacock. Reporters learned from the Shangqiu Municipal Forestry Bureau, the Green Peacock belongs to the national level to protect animals, hunting is prohibited; blue peacock is a rare semi herbivorous non protected animals, you can raise food. What Xiaogang farms have got the business license and the wild animal domestication and breeding license, this year, he also incorporated the peacock farming cooperatives, ready to drive near the village common breeding peacocks, provide technical and epidemic prevention all in one service for the villagers.相关的主题文章:

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