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Young designers to create a live demonstration of removable clothing stunning audience – the activities of the site. The organizers for Beijing August 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Meng) the day before the first "dream wings in 2016 China young (clothing) designer entrepreneurship contest finals and awards ceremony held in Beijing. China young (clothing) designer Masa Maso entrepreneurship competition, brand coo Sun Hong, Beijing city public Xingwen Xing Textile Garment Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Zongpei, QI GANG, SHEGUANG HU, founder of the brand Qi Gang advanced customization brand founder Hu Sheguang composed the lineup of judges. On the same day, participating designers with their design and production of clothing onto the stage, to bring the audience a visual feast. Works of judges. The photograph works show, contestants in online voting produced elegant urban life style has Chinese charm and neutral fashion Master, naturally with no earthly outsider, whirling and love future, believe that technology is changing the lives of the 5 final "popular proposition" display, judges in order to judge and put forward advice. Among them, the "neutral style" as the theme of the whirling works for review and viewers themselves, the judges give players steel and Sun Shuo works with a very high evaluation, expression, the two players in the concept of complete works well in a business degree, also have the potential. Thirty guests photo. The figure for "love the future, believe that technology is changing life" of the proposition is only Yao Wei, the cross-border competition comic author works has become one of the best in the audience, and the clothing can be disassembled, the change of inspiration get applause. In the face of many wonderful works, the jury also never praise, in limited time, design and produce a high level of design works, visible designer open design thinking and good practical ability. It is reported that the judges score and the popularity of the network, the day a total of 30 outstanding designers in the final win. (end)相关的主题文章:

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