You could favor Les Miserables a tale of passion and destruction set in 19th century France which follows the life journey of a mans struggle to live through both injustice and revolution. Les Miserables has been reportedly been seen by over 60 million people worldwide 钓鱼溺亡索赔百万 飞机上做不雅之事

Travel-and-Leisure London has a number of icons that must not be missed for example; The London Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, St Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament and of course Her Majesties home Bucking Palace. There are numerous attractions in London that are free including The British Museum, Tate Modern – Britains national museum of modern and contemporary art, National Gallery, National History Museum, Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. London is also host to a vast number of stunning parks including Hyde Park, Kensington Garden and Regents Park all of which are open and available to the visitor and residents of London. However, if you happen to be looking for something a little different how about a trip to The London Dungeons! Let’s face it, most of us love a good scare once in a while, and at the London Dungeon, you can get that in spades. There will be blood and guts aplenty, for braver children, and possibly even their parents, will love having their fear factors turned up to max – and beyond. Just make sure you keep your eyes open – after all, you wouldn’t want to suffer your own terrifying fate… If however you are not up for a trip to the Dungeons a flight on the famous London Eye might be your choice. There’s no greater way to get a feel for this excellent city. Enter the futuristic "pod" viewing capsules, and sit back and take it easy as the giant wheel will take you on a full tour. You are going to see countless of the best known London tourist attractions spread out beneath you, with panoramic views over the city allowing you to compare its beautiful historic districts with striking new buildings such as the Gherkin. Everyone loves a trip to the Zoo! The zoo may be one of the oldest established family attractions in London, but it’s remained so well-liked for good reason – it’s great fun. The zoo is a world leader in conservation, so you can feel secure in the knowledge that the animals are getting the greatest possible care. Children may be more enthusiastic about tracking down the lions, gorillas and giraffes – and who could blame them? Even when this is your very first time in London, you’re bound to have seen it many times before on screen. The capital has starred in countless productions, ranging from Bridget Jones’s Diary to Sherlock Holmes, have a wide selection of Movie and TV tours available including the Celebrity tour of London, Harry Potter London Tour, James Bond Tour of London Movie Locations and even Jack the Ripper sinister London tour! All these tours will give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most famous movie locations with a wonderful insight into their making by your tour guide. Don’t forget your camera – and maybe your autograph book, just in case! Round the day off with a Meal and a Show at The West End! For the ultimate feel good musical you will not make a better choice than Mamma Mia at The Prince of Wales Theatre London. This wonderful love story is told with the help of the ever popular Abba songs a story of love, laughter and friendship. Certain to get you singing and dancing in the isles! You could favor Les Miserables a tale of passion and destruction set in 19th century France which follows the life journey of a mans struggle to live through both injustice and revolution. Les Miserables has been reportedly been seen by over 60 million people worldwide, a show not to be missed. Spend an evening at The Lyric Theatre London celebrating the work of legendary performer Michael Jackson in the theatrical extravaganza Thriller Live. This high energy show will take you through three decades of Jackson chart topping numbers, Blues, Jazz, Motown, Rap to Disco are all enjoyed by the performers and the audience alike. This highly visual show with brilliant choreography will blow you mind and remind you of the astounding talent the music world has lost. Join The Lion King in a dazzling world of glorious colours, beautiful effects and enchanting music at the Lyceum Theatre as he makes his epic journey to reclaim his kingdom. Watch this impressive and moving story of Simba the wide-eyed lion cub as he grows and takes on his destined position as King of the Pridelands. You will be amazed by the dazzling staging and highly imaginative costumes a show that will take you right into the African plains and beyond. St Mugos Youth Club in Essex is the place for some great Rock and Roll of the 60s. A terrific night out is guaranteed if you consider Dreamboats and Petticoats at The Playhouse Theatre London you will doing the twist the following the morning after watching this show! Watch this great story unfold as classics from The Shadows, Roy Orbison, Eddie Cochran and Billy Fury are performed to the drama of Bobby and Norman who compete to win a national song writing contest plus the heart of Sue the Queen of St Mungos Youth Club. Great numbers include Shaking All Over, Happy Birthday Sweet 16, Cmon Everybody, Lets Twist Again and many more. Just a great night out! The West End offers an array of excellent restaurants to suit every taste and every pocket maybe you fancy an Indian, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, American or just plain English! You can even go for a Meal and Show deal if you book early. Remember London is a city that never sleeps so if you still have the energy you can Dance till dawn at the numerous Nightclubs and Bars! Have a great London Trip and dont forget to send a postcard!!!!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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