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Xiamen national day received consumer complaints since 499 visitors to the shop told no room in Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter Chen Ni) reporter yesterday from the municipal market supervision bureau 12315 command center was informed that the last National Day golden week, the city’s total of 12315 answer consumer calls 2048, compared to the same period last year increased by 34.2%; the admissibility of consumer complaints 499, an increase of 96.5%, compared with the amount of consumer complaints last year nearly doubled. During the golden week this year, mobile network communications, household appliances and accommodation and catering services and other tourist areas involved in consumer issues are still more." City 12315 command center stakeholders said. Tourism consumption, lodging service complaints are more prominent. Consumers are reflected in the online booking, to the shop was told no room, found the room or area "shrink" and the website advertised, and consumers were told after Check Inn Hotel due to holiday prices upward to increase pay. There is a consumer online shopping of a restaurant cash coupon, the site did not express national holidays and other holidays can not be used, consumers have been informed of the use of food can not be used…… In addition to tourism service disputes, businesses to carry out holiday promotions triggered consumer disputes have also added to the consumer plug. Mr. Huang bought 70 yuan of goods in the South Siming road a supermarket, according to the provisions of promotional activities plus 30 yuan to buy a prepaid card to charge fees 100 yuan. Mr. Huang can be found after buy recharge card, recharge the bill only call in a mobile phone App, also need to use the flow. After the National Day is wedding photography studio photos in the season, some consumers also encountered bad thoughts. The book of Mr. Zhao before the National Day Wedding Suit, pay 1000 yuan deposit, and the business agreement taken in October 9th. Who knows the staff receive deposits to inform the national day of the schedule is full, can arrange to the end of October shooting. 12315 command center to remind consumers: consumer goods or services, whether through the store, online shopping, TV shopping or by telephone, friend recommendation, delivery costs should remember to ask for and keep regular shopping bills, retained advertising business and participate in the activities of the contents of information, shopping, do not impulse spending, encounter consumer disputes the problem please promptly report complaints.相关的主题文章:

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