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Xiamen Huandao Road with traffic control these sections not through the morning news (reporter Chen Xiaobin correspondent Lin Feng) November 13th, the 2016 world half Triathlon will be held in Xiamen. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the game, the Xiamen police decided to take some time on the island to take part of the road traffic restrictions, and yesterday officially released. Since November 12th, the traffic police will be on the road inside the exhibition (exhibition two Exhibition Road, No. four road, No. five Exhibition Road) and sightseeing Road (the road around the island Convention Center – the Sunshine Coast section) parking cleaning and control, in addition to the vehicles, prohibit vehicles. In November 13th 7, Exhibition Road (road three exhibition south to East), Exhibition Road (Chin Hung Road to the East), in addition to the vehicles, the prohibition of other vehicles. In addition, in November 13th 8, Triathlon track Island Road, exhibition road opening to the South Island Ring Road South Road, Island Road section Genting Genting road to Genting tunnel to the south, South Island Road U-turn section Genting mouth to the intersection of Mount Longhu, Mount Longhu Island Road intersection to the East Road Jishan turn area (Siming area) well, at 8:30, a roundabout road to turn area Ji Shan Fang Zhong Road and Cebu road section (Lake area), in addition to holding the 2016 Xiamen world half Triathlon green vehicle pass vehicles, the prohibition of other vehicles. In November 13th 9, Triathlon track road around the island tourist road (Convention Center – Sunshine Coast section) to prohibit passage. If the bus is in the restricted area, to take a diversion, jump station, bypass line, and other measures to stop shrinking. In order to minimize the impact of travel to the public, the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau will be based on the progress of the game, the timely recovery of these sections of traffic. Please refer to the general public to understand the road traffic restrictions, travel arrangements in advance. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章:

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