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Wong Cho Lam Vivian Chow why Esther Kwan called "savings" star the zhaxiaoxin company, phonogram, from the heart and female temperament. The original meaning of stingy, more negative. The positive meaning of thrift, artist Wong Cho Lam but the "savings" on a little note, can save a rainbow. Comedian Wong Cho Lam with Cantonese homonym for "stingy", "save" two houses. Wong Cho Lam in Hongkong last year to buy a mansion from home, he has always been filial piety, recently bought a house in the same area to his mother live, convenient care, we are happy for him. Because he came from the grassroots, young father, as the eldest son, take care of his mother and sister in responsibility, graduated from the Hongkong Academy for performing arts after signing TVB from low start to his fame, is created in the variety show "Quan adds Fu Lushou" in playing the role of beauty "Handelababy", "read in Cantonese little bit baby" or "save it baby", but the role of Wong Cho Lam a little, he by the explosion of red. The outside world that he was imitating Angelababy, he explained in fact is to imitate Chrissie Chau. Because of the vivid shapes, very funny, very popular, become a hot word, out from the star, more prosperous, marry ruhuameijuan Leanne Li, income three jump out of poverty, to buy the property, a housing, a successful career, is a very inspirational example. "Save" is a lot of Hong Kong and Hong Kong topics, such as Carol Cheng, Eason Chan, by Eric Tsang, Miriam Yeung starred in the films "frugal game". Vivian Chow played in the oratorio "the big time" in the "little sister" became the classic, after a lapse of 23 years, last year is still crazy today and playback seckill the audience, since everyone called her little sister". Since then every paparazzi photographed female artist civilians to local consumption, such as shopping, eating street snacks, will buckle on "save sister", including was found to take the old clothes to modify the actor Nick Cheung’s wife Esther Kwan, love to take public transportation. Linda Chung, the famous Shirley Yeung Kay Tse, miss Hongkong thrift. Recently, television will Handelababy the variation into reality show "D Honey" company name. The strange thing is, "save" only girls crown on the head, and will not be used in boys, it is "little sister", not "savings earners", "little guy", "little man", the female than male qualitative for indirect mean is gender discrimination? Or praise girls than boys have frugal virtue? In fact, the word "savings" has already appeared in the classics, but the people of Hongkong "activation", such as: Wang Shifu "westernchamber": "this is Mr. life saving must not violate the matchmaker slow", the solution for saving block. Tang Xianzu "the purple hairpin": "this love before saving after saving the marriage left to right, that is to" save side edge. "The Water Margin": "the two men so stingy, see put a lot of gold and silver, but not with me, just as petty or stingy solution. They don’t claim is "cold", called "miser Scrooge, with a mean. As for Wong Cho Lam, who created the name Handelababy, which is the name of telepathy相关的主题文章:

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