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Why is Feng Xiaogang sixty at improper money oriented? Wen Sina column boiled entertainment Lin Tao Feng Xiaogang, is a sincere director, is a talented actor. As a director, he has 20 years of accumulation. Recently, the "Party B", "private custom", "If You Are The One", "mobile phone", "8" Be There Or Be Square Feng’s classic comedy in Beijing. As Feng, he is almost 60 years old. "I’ve been working for the box office for the past couple of years, and now I’m 60 years old," he said. "I want to do something for myself, and I want to make some movies for the audience. According to Confucius, sixty I. For this saying, Mr. Li Zehou’s explanation is: sixty years old naturally suffer all kinds of criticism. Mr. Hu Shi’s explanation is, I think, or tolerate the meaning, the ancients said the bitter truth, at the age of sixty, listening to other people’s words have no tolerance for conservation, "home". Or this is a bit closer. Feng Dao’s new film to be released, many fans are looking forward to nature, so when asked to look at the box office, Feng Xiaogang admits that he is not very concerned about "the numbers", people can not become money oriented, when you have the resources and eventually settled in the creation. Now even if the market does not need me, I can retire at any time, I have been satisfied. Every film I’m filming now must be passionate and sincere. After listening to this, more and more feel, "old gun son," why the film is so good, because Feng Xiaogang is playing his. Do something for yourself, instead of saying that adhere to the self, this criterion is looed at any age. You can think about, Papi sauce is not to do something for yourself, insist on self? But Papi sauce and Feng Xiaogang are similar in some extent, they are after reaching a height, can face all say this criterion, like the "goal", only was the richest man can easily express, because they can hold live. In the field of artistic creation, through the ages, really pay attention to at all times and in all countries, passion, passion is a comprehensive presentation, with age, energy and creativity are inseparable. Take a look at the Hollywood directors, such as Spielberg, how long did not work? For five years. The latest news is that Spielberg’s new fantasy adventure film "a giant" announced the introduction of the national release, scheduled October 14th. As for the return after a lapse of 5 years, Spielberg in the film for the first time using motion capture technology and reality combining shooting style, pay attention to this for the first time, the latest movie Pingdao, there is also the first stunt, that is a circular lens and frame. At the same time, also for the audience to make some movies, this is the most realistic, but also like the fans should be guided by Feng Feng drum. We can only look forward to. Remember, in April 2015, the "7" release speed and passion, there is such a joke. April 28, 2015, a video appeared on the Internet, Feng Xiaogang is in)相关的主题文章:

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