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When people take the subway uncivilized behavior frequent passengers standing in the yellow line waiting. Peninsula morning news network reporter Zhang Tengfei photography, Haili with the "Dalian subway uncivilized behavior" for a series of reports discussed deeply, the breadth and depth of readers’ participation is also increasing deepen. Yesterday was the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, go out visits more, this reporter revisit Dalian subway, found waiting behind the yellow line are more common. At the same time, many users also reported positive and negative cases reported by the newspaper, the initiative to correct their words and deeds. Many people ignore the warning to revisit the Metro yellow line yesterday was the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, go out visits more passengers. Reporter revisited Dalian metro, found across the yellow line waiting are more common. In each subway entrance on the ground floor, there is a "please line up in the yellow line," the warning yellow line, black text printed on the yellow line is particularly conspicuous, but many people turn a blind eye. The reporter saw, when the subway train is coming, many passengers can scarcely wait across the Yellow line. On one occasion, in the station and the station on both sides of the platform, there are 7 people across the yellow line, and even a parent led the child across the yellow line and other vehicles. Although the flight attendants from time to time to remind, but this situation has continued to occur. Reporters observed that when the subway door opened, from the inside out of the passenger flow and passenger stations within the formation of a hedge. If you encounter a particularly crowded peak hours, people hedge is very dangerous, easy to squeeze passengers. If there are elderly people and children, it is more dangerous. Discussion of users to carry out self-examination by the launching of "Dalian subway uncivilized behavior" for discussion of a series of reports, is expected through the discussion of social civilization, let the subway people. Three days, the breadth and depth of discussion on this topic is also deepening. The first two reports on the child seat nails, two kinds of uncivilized behavior, the subway car in Dalian, many readers and friends started a self-examination. Netizen "looked up" message: "in a word, when people say, first think about their usual is not done very civilized, for example, do not cross the road, the quality is to start training since childhood." In addition, the netizen said, "the one who" keyboard man who will be the first to say, manage yourself. Reporters noted that a lot of similar comments and comments, which also shows that everyone in the crowd and comments at the same time, but also constantly correcting their words and deeds. Peninsula morning news network reporter Lai Qingxin, Haili相关的主题文章:

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