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When beijingstyle coated with a touch of nostalgia "after more than half a century of sharp, we have Chinese have become a new society, we also lost their cultural memory." Beijing Normal University college professor Zhao Yong in the "Beijing literature in the October month? Ye Guangcen said Beijing style literature seminar". Some people say that in the era of upheaval in Beijing, has been difficult to find the kind of fusion of aristocratic culture, common culture, literati culture of old Beijing flavor, and even the streets and lanes is also hard to hear the pure Beijing dialect. But in the memory of the writer Ye Guangcen, the taste has never gone away, even cut off. Leave Beijing, Xi’an to live and work in Shaanxi for forty or fifty years, also let her under the pen beijingstyle add a touch of nostalgia. The special experience of hometown brings a unique flavor, "after retirement, I can often live in Beijing, the hometown is no longer a fantasy of the past, and now have a convergence." Ye Guangcen, born in October 1948 in Beijing City, the Manchu yehenala, assigned to Xi’an in 1968, after retirement to return to live in Beijing. But there is still no solution to the Beijing hukou "Ye Guangcen works, all showing the taste of home – beijing. Therefore, Ye Guangcen is also known as Lao she later best beijingstyle fiction writer. Forty or fifty years left Beijing life experience let Ye Guangcen beijingstyle have a broader view. Talking about Ye Guangcen’s Beijing style novels, Chinese Writers Association Secretary Yan Jingming said, "in Beijing as a cultural center of the place, we definitely do not lack the novelist. And the most important thing in her creation is her identity. She is from Beijing, but she is not in Beijing for a long time, and even her identity is not Beijing, she wrote the Beijing has a strong sense of home. We now have a word, called nostalgia. I think Beijing is such a city as a nostalgic object, a series of in his fiction. To speak, to express, this is the biggest characteristic of Ye Guangcen beijingstyle literature. She even with Lao She, Wang Shuo, and Liu Heng are not the same. It is precisely because of this kind of color, I think the taste of her novels give us an indelible mark." Ye Guangcen participated in the screenwriter for the TV series "teahouse" "family portrait" editor Ruan Dandi also said, "she jumped out of the nest, Beijing, she can look at this piece, so she can raise a layer than others." The language of the people but not clean rustic about Beijing culture, many people think it must contain a common culture, noble culture, literati culture…… And the noble Ye Guangcen, but with a civilian perspective to express the noble temperament. "Ye Guangcen from life, from the beginning of her sensible, may have become civilians, because she has experienced many civilians suffering, just open up her feelings, including her compassion, humanistic spirit." Ye Guangcen works, "picking mulberry son," said the editor of the book, said Sui Lijun. In the works of Ye Guangcen, wrote mostly small characters, as the famous literary critic Liang Hongying said: "she is very accurate to write the common people view of life, the way of getting along with people they process"相关的主题文章:

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