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Topic: what do you think of the ending of "Conan", we have to say that our domestic animation fans belong to the kind of special development of the type of hole. Before the penguin mother put forward, "king of the sea," what is the outcome of the time, it attracted a lot of people to answer. As with "Sea King" almost the same time series since the works written by Gosho Aoyama, "detective Conan" is also accompanied by two generations, and now is still not the end of the signs. So what do you think is the end of the day if the work is finished? In today’s topic, let’s talk. [outcome: Conan destroyed the black organization, to the satisfaction of all] is perhaps the most likely outcome. If in the early works series, based on Conan the power of one person may not be able to shake the organization. So now is different, the Japanese police, FBI, CIA…… The organization has been undercover infiltration in a complete mess, and Conan from the detective, I became Superman equal to anything. So, in the individual and collective strength have reached a certain level under the condition that the black organization is reasonable. If this is the case, then it should be in the end there is a Conan and black organization BOSS face to face, although we do not know who BOSS is, but the results may surprise many people. Conan may have to go through a lot of emotional struggles to bring him to justice. And since the organization has been destroyed, then it should be Conan back to the new one. After all, this work is the name of "detective love comedy" banner. Wait until the change back to a new, Betty went back to front for himself to conceal the identity of the facts and to propose an apology, betty…… Let countless people look forward to the stars look forward to the moon scene, but also to be staged. Betty: [ending two seriously injured a vegetative state at the last moment, Conan waiting for] in the early stage of serial works, has established a "cannot let Betty know the truth of the premise. But in recent years, maybe Gosho Aoyama also found that if you continue to let the heroine free from the main line, is not conducive to the development of the plot, so may be more exposed to the truth let betty. In the early version of Volume 42, Betty in order to save a little sadness, there had been a hail of bullets through the breathtaking scene. In the movie, there is more directly with the members of the organization and the melee, dodging bullets super action. Although this will make the story seem particularly exciting, but at the same time also increase the likelihood of Betty danger. As a result, the outcome is likely to be at the time near the end, Betty was seriously injured in order to protect the new one, and become a vegetative. Because of the lack of treatment, Betty was frozen by body of freezing technology, and the relationship between the whole body almost stopped, Betty no growth in 10 years, has always been the attitude of sleeping beauty. But 10 years later, because of the development of science and technology, Betty can finally opened his eyes. This time, she saw the 17 year old Conan has grown up, as well as other friends who are already old at the age of 10. In the past 10 years, Conan not only arrested相关的主题文章:

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