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Unemployed young people live by borrowing software owed about 700000 yuan of arrest surrendered the initiative through a lending software, Shanghai unemployed youth Xiamou was not anxious but eventually idle away in seeking pleasure, due to their inability to pay the debt of about 700000 yuan, the initiative to surrender. November 7th, surging news reporter learned from the Minhang District City People’s Procuratorate, recently arrested for suspicion of fraud by the Procuratorate approved the arrest of. According to the procuratorate, May 2016 Shanghai youth unemployment, Xiamou not a source of income, he found a mobile phone called "borrowing treasure" of the App, as long as the registration ID number, you can publish information on the platform to borrow money, borrow money, how much interest, by how much time lost to the Internet, some people will take the initiative to contact him, lend him money. Xia will use their cell phone number to register, and associated with their bank card. In order to be able to borrow money, Xiamou conceal their unemployment in his fictional work unit, a house and a car, in order to obtain the trust of others, then this software platform has released high rebate credit information. At the beginning, Xiamou borrowed 10 yuan, 20 yuan to several hundred dollars, after the expiration of he agreed to pay back the money, gradually improve Xiamou platform credibility. A netizen on this software platform found Xiamou, introduced him to a private WeChat set the platform user group, the group can borrow large sums of money. In the WeChat group, Xiamou continue their packaging, claiming to work in the day, the monthly income of ten thousand yuan, with a friend opened a outdoor goods store, a considerable income, and to borrow money in the internet. To borrow money, Xiamou started wasteful money, he also found himself, to others can borrow at low interest rates to borrow in a "borrow treasure", and high interest rates to lend, borrow to buy low sell high earn spreads. After a few months, after the summer to eat a meal, singing, bars, nightclubs nothing. But the accident will soon appear: a netizen to borrow 6000 yuan did not return to the summer, which directly led to his return to the borrower can not be on time. He can only borrow money from others to repay his loan. Gradually, Xiamou a growing deficit. In the meantime, he reached the upper limit of the loan treasure borrowing, can no longer borrow money, and borrowed a friend’s identity card Xia, registered loan treasure to borrow money to repay their loans and interest. July 2016, Wang Yi (a pseudonym) was a friend to the loan treasure platform. She heard the financial platform only lent acquaintances, low risk high interest, also added a called "honesty and M group" WeChat group, in the group met xiamou. Xiamou mountaineering pretended to do business, the need for liquidity, promised annual interest Wang Yi 24%. Wang Yi consulting "lending treasure found Xiamou relatively good reputation, then gradually began to Xiamou lending, began cautiously, Xiamou only lent hundreds of yuan to one thousand yuan, while the Xiamou do each have also borrowed. With the deepening of exchanges between the two, in early September 2016, Xiamou Wang Yi proposed to borrow 300 thousand yuan for the end of the stockpile, Wang Yi will be assured by borrowing the treasure 20 times to Xiamou 30 yuan. On the second day after the money borrowed, dream of the high recovery of principal and interest of the Wang Yi received Xiamou phone: he surrendered)相关的主题文章:

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