Tsinghua Academy of fine arts seminar opening ceremony should be held in sorpack

"Tsinghua Academy of fine arts seminar opening ceremony held on March 5, 2016 at ten o’clock in the morning, hosted by the Tsinghua University and Academy of Fine Arts, CO organized by Jiangsu provincial Calligraphers Association, Jiangsu Ceramic Industry Association, and the Yixing City Calligraphers Association, Yixing Ceramics Association and Jiangsu redware craft factory hosted the second" Tsinghua Academy of painting and calligraphy Chinese pottery carving art advanced course the seminar opening ceremony was held in Yixing redware craft factory meeting room ceremony presided over by the Jiangsu province Yixing redware craft factory director Xu Jianrong, Tsinghua University professor Li Zhengan of Academy of Fine Arts, Yixing Calligraphers Association President Pang Xianjun, Chinese ceramic art master Mao Guoqiang, President of the Yixing Ceramic Industry Association Shi Juntang, China Calligraphers Association, provincial Calligraphers Association vice chairman and Secretary General Wang Weijun has a speech, vice president of the Yixing Ceramic Industry Association as a learning process with Representative speech. Chinese Meixie printmaking art committee, vice chairman of Artists Association Chen Xinjian, Tsinghua Academy of fine arts professor Wang Hui, vice chairman of Nanjing Artists Association and Secretary General Pu Cunzhou, vice chairman of Nanjing Calligraphers Association and Secretary General Wang Gang of Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts Training Center Project Manager Dong Yan, assistant secretary of the CPC Yixing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Huang Bo, director of the Yixing city media Bureau Xu Xihua. Cheng Wei, President of the Yixing daily, Yixing Literary Federation Chairman Wei Min, Yixing Literary Federation vice president Xiao Zijun, vice chairman of Yixing Federation, director of the Museum of Yixing Liu Ming, master of Arts and crafts China Gu Shao Pei, China Ceramic Art Master Wu Ming, the famous ceramist Ge Taozhong, Zhao Jianghua, master of Arts and crafts of Jiangsu province Hu Yongcheng, Fan Jianjun, entrepreneurs Yixing Hengtian estate and attended the opening ceremony. Jiangsu Yixing redware Craft Factory experienced a cycle of stormy journey, in cooperation with the Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts has a history of fifty years, all is for the sake of craftsmanship, talent cultivation. The pottery carving seminar is opening again after learning other talents Yixing seminar training. The Chinese painting and calligraphy has penetrated into every aspect of the national culture, and it is one of the important forms of Chinese civilization. The Yixing pottery engraved with the art of painting and calligraphy homologous phase, CO live for hundreds of years, has formed a unique mainstream decorative art, calligraphy and painting is also seeking expression thoughts and feelings of the most ideal. It can be said that the plasticity of purple makes it to fusion and innovation and the other art vitality, such cross-border cooperation makes heavy purple culture in succession in passing the heritage and orderly. It is worth mentioning that the class school in Yixing, aimed at the use of first-class Tsinghua Academy of fine arts teaching resources and open education experience, and Yixing Calligraphers Association, ceramics association cooperation jointly build Taiwan art class, the training of high level talents to be carved pottery, an important leading role for the development of the Yixing yixing. It is reported that the research classes from around the country more than 20 students, they will redouble their efforts in the first stage based on continuous improvement. The spirit of "quality of complementary, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development" principle, to provide in-depth study and communication for the general painting pottery carving enthusiasts platform, effectively enhance the artistic accomplishment, theoretical level and creative ability, to create high-end painting pottery carving creative talents, promote the sustainable development of national calligraphy pottery carving art.相关的主题文章:

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