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To celebrate the 90 anniversary of the Imperial Palace Museum in Shenyang held south Heritage Exhibition (reporter Zhu Mingyu) Shenyang the Imperial Palace Museum in 16 ushered in its 90 year, has worked in the South – Shengjing relics exhibition kicked off the day. Shenyang the Imperial Palace is also called Mukden palace, is one of the three major cultural relics treasures of Qing Dynasty Royal Palace alongside Beijing and Rehe palace, has nearly 200 thousand pieces of storage items and the Qing Dynasty imperial palace. From the beginning of 1933, during the war of resistance against Japan, in order to avoid war, part of the cultural relics with Beijing the Imperial Palace cultural relics moved south, and moved to Nanjing and Taiwan. Reporters on the scene saw the exhibition according to the original purposes of Tibetan cultural relics in Mukden palace is divided into 4 units, including jade, porcelain, lacquer etc.. From the Imperial Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum, Zhenjiang Museum and 90 pieces of relics South unveiled. Among them, the collection into storage and migration to the South "to describe the origin, storage and collection of Mukden palace south;" furnishings for Qing "is the emperor placed desk pet decoration items, then display in the main hall, and palace, etc. it lies back;" feast is better "show the Qing Emperor East tour ancestors at the banquet table 100 in Shenyang the Imperial Palace in front of the hall, contact the Shengjing imperial clan descendants and courtiers, then into a palace of Shengjing tableware reached one hundred thousand;" dedicated connoisseurs "show from the beginning of the Qing Dynasty emperor Kangxi, according to the Convention will first emperor queen of weapons and other important relics to Shengjing statue tibet. According to Bai Wenyu, President of the Shenyang the Imperial Palace Museum, cultural relic is an important event in China cultural history, it is also a great contribution to the protection of the world cultural heritage. At present, the cultural relics are divided into several museums on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, which makes the Chinese culture be protected and spread in a wider area and deeper level. In its 90 anniversary, many South cultural relics, cultural relics "mothering" is the result of the joint efforts of the guardian. Up to now, the hospital has received more than seventy million visitors at home and abroad. On the day of the seminar, Dan Jixiang, President of the Taipei History Museum, the Imperial Palace museum curator Zhang Yuteng and other experts also discussed the "cultural relic" historical significance and cultural significance and cultural relics as a link to strengthen cooperation and exchanges.相关的主题文章:

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