The wolf five Huading prize Wu Jing thanks the audience to take better

"The wolf" five Huading prize Wu Jing: thanks the audience to take better Tencent entertainment news yesterday at the twentieth session of the tripod award China movie satisfaction survey release ceremony, "the wolf" 8 nominations, has won the best screenplay and best director, best action movie guide, best producer four trophies, become the biggest winner of the night, and in the 50 nominees, won the audience satisfaction first. Wu Jing live speech "to thank the audience, everyone is the achievements of the" wolf "together; thank you partner, without them I would have insisted on not down," and said "wolf 2" to shoot better. It is reported that "wolf 2" is shot of Wu Jing’s wildly beating gongs and drums, the wolf spirit will burst out how energy is more exciting. The degree of satisfaction survey the first netizen: looking forward to the director of migrant workers return in 2015, Wu Jing directed the "wolf" turned out to be the domestic military theme for ice breaking, saying "I am committed to the Chinese, though much will punish" is to the whole nation’s blood. The tripod award has always been known as the "people’s reputation," honor "the wolf" won Best Screenplay, best director, best action movie guide "," best producer "," the first satisfaction survey "five awards," wolf "recognized by the audience on the remarkable. It is worth mentioning that the "wolf" in talent shows itself 50 nominees in 2015, become the highest film audience satisfaction. The award is behind a "Wu Jing and partner seriously," Wu Jing in my speech also regretted that "repeatedly put partners gas into the hospital". Dozens were injured, hundreds of times, let the cold front "China man should be the image of" people, but also the achievements of Wu Jing the "most man national male god". It is so realistic attitude to do the film impressed the audience, they also use the hands of the vote, given the highest recognition of Wu Jing. After Wu Jing micro-blog also exposed a "wolf" in the 2 set on the tank for lunch photos, down to earth’s image was friends laugh as director of migrant workers". In the interview, Wu Jing exposes for the film "wolf 2" storm lost 17 pounds, attracted users have a message to eventually return!" "Well deserved, tough looking forward to returning to the director," to "2" the wolf also grow with each passing day look. The wolf 2 hot shot release next year Wu Jing: breaking the "wolf" series of films for imprisonment won "best action movie guide" award, Wu Jing said, "the wolf" 2 "to shoot better," the wolf "prison break, create new heights domestic war movie". "The wolf" success also attracted more Hollywood elite team, Wu Jing said to complement each other, "China still have a lot to learn from the United States, especially the gun" to Sino US style together, making the effect of 2 1+1>. It is reported that Wu Jing wrote the "wolf 2" script in 4 years ago, the continuation of the wolf spirit, but there are more international pattern. In the studio, Wu Jing also took a more hard working state, frequently burst "by face to eat, eat on life", "beat the game without injury is to fool people" verse. The captain of the United States action group.相关的主题文章:

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