The Tang Dynasty and the seven classic team; strength writing ten – after the peach blossom in sunny came home

The Tang Dynasty and the seven classic   team; strength writing "ten" – after the peach blossom in the entertainment channel, by Beijing Zoomlion Baiwen culture media Co., the company produced ancient Xian Xia online comedy "ten" after the peach blossom in the days before has been fixing. Recently, the play was first released "peach family portrait" stills, fresh and bright screen, eight stars and leisurely walking around, bright red blossoms and green willows very appropriate, can be described as "renmiantaohuaxiangyang red". It is reported that the "ten peach" Title III, Mobile Games derivatives, stage drama also developed wildly beating gongs and drums. The long-term ranking similar books bestseller list of the Tang Qi classic will blossom everywhere, "Xian Xia romance" IP one "is about to open the first year of peach". No longer love III Sadomasochism "ten pass" peach blossom in the way the original writing legend, heaven and Diji Prince night Hua Cheonggu white light staged a history of the largest span of age Jiedi, two people after the III taste of love and hate, and finally a reunion. The web series "ten" in the original after the peach blossom in the happy ending is beginning about the night China white light couple two people encounter discipline private stolen ancient artifact "chaos God" accident, mistakenly landed on earth, in the "Peach Town" and open a live cattle perplexing, all nervous wonderful together. How many teams with purpose, and interwoven, triggered a series of humorous, warm and touching story adorable. The first half of this year, "III. ten peach" movie and TV series are finished in late stage, is expected to be released next year. Network drama "ten" after the peach blossom in the new sail, is undoubtedly a great boon for fans. After both meet the fans of the original emotion and continuation, and TV drama version of the formation of difference, to avoid the same type caused by fatigue. From the first exposure of the "peach blossom family" stills images can also be seen in a different location: the shape of the ancient West TV drama version, focus on the production of a large effects. The network drama starring eight dress temperament quaint, the warmth of the sun, the realistic background is a bright red blossoms and green willows spring full of vigour. The strength of a team to build super time outside the original author the most popular IP appeared in the film and television work by the all star cast, and Web Series "ten" after the peach blossom in the film production team with a strong debut, the team behind the confidence based on more rookie actor: high Lengnan God night by Hua starred in "my friend Miss Chen Bailu", "Wu legend" drama popular niche Li Zifeng plays, and the female flowers in white light is the main costume drama "Si beauty" plays an important role in the "Chongqing University campus Belle" Ning heart, the other main role played by Lou Mingsen, Han Chunnan, Pang Yunong, Du Qinyi and Liu Yimeng are the film a fresh face, beautiful appearance, excellent performance. Drama side said that this is the work itself has enough confidence. Start the list, behind the scenes team really master gathered: one director Lu win was the number of directors served as executive director, participated in the "put", "heart flower road," Xiu Chun knife "massage", "Chibi" and other dozens of film shooting, and more than half of the Youth Drama award won praise "the best)相关的主题文章:

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