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"The starting ceremony" of modern economics — study, Beijing 10 October, edited by Hong Yinxing   the "ceremony" of modern economics in Beijing starting today. The book is divided into two volumes, including the economics of various disciplines, involving the theory of economics and applied economics of the first level of the discipline of the 14 disciplines, covering the development of China’s important areas of economics, the two. It is reported that the book as the background to China practice of reform and development, according to the theory of development economics Chinese as a clue, to interpret the Chinese miracle of the "mystery" as its mission, the successful practice of reform and development of Chinese make theoretical summary and concept refinement, reflecting 30 years of reform and development to Chinese economics research, the purpose is to China economics to the world, let the world understand the Chinese Road, China theory, Chinese system. Modern economics "ceremony" is not just a simple dictionary of economics. Each entry in the book is not a general term to explain, but highlight the "theory", the new concept of reform and opening up, as well as reflect the concept of economic innovation as an academic paper to write. At the system of innovation and development of the sequence of events, according to the theory of origin, evolution, academic evaluation order gradually, in-depth analysis and Discussion on the economic thought and theory on history and development perspective. At present, China’s economic life in all kinds of deep-seated problems gradually appear, while the book does not appear a prescription, but the starting point of the economic policy and the development of the theory of logic, has profound significance for the current stage of China’s economic reform and development. Professor Fan Conglai is responsible for the preparation of transition economics team said, uphold the three principles in the preparation process: first, adhere to the principle of history, from the history to find the academic origin and evolution of entry; second, adhere to the principle that in fact Chinese, Chinese achievements of reform and opening up to the economics as the object; third, insist on study on the paradigm of unity. "Modern economics" ceremony "is a modern economics encyclopedia", Professor Zang Xuheng to a reader’s identity to talk about their reading experience, he pointed out that the book is in the interpretation of economic China, show Chinese characteristics, precise positioning, comprehensive content, "has made outstanding contributions to the construction of Chinese characteristics, China style China, style of academic language system". Huang Taiyan, deputy editor of the book, discussed the characteristics, value and significance of the book from four aspects: subject system, academic system, discourse system and team system. He stressed that the "universal language world economics, Chinese economics" constitutes the "ceremony" of the discourse of modern economics. In addition, the team members involved in the preparation of the book is a participant in China’s practice, the Chinese theory of innovation and the leader of China’s economics. (Wang Rui) (commissioning editor Chen Yuan and Huang Wei)相关的主题文章:

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