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The Spanish SMG recommended: Emperor Messi Barcelona is still no good social morale through Saturday 006 La Liga Ewald VS Royal Society 2016-09-24 19:00 two games a week for the Spanish League set off a small climax, but this weekend Ewald and the Royal Society of Derby is also quite interesting. The two teams averaged 7 points ranked be roughly the same, this also means that the north will play a very intense derby. Ewald has the advantage of home court, before they first beat Valencia, then at least one case with Seville, the team’s strength can not be ignored. The agency last round of home court victory over Las Palmas, especially in the first half of perfect performance. Coach Au Jose Beal has found a combination of strong team on the offensive end, namely the OIA door Di and zurutuza midfield, O Jasa Barr, Bella and Jose the task of supporting the attack end. Bella this season and restored the old Shen Yong, the imperial agency is essential. In addition to the injury of canales is gradually restored, all this on board Aiwu Aolai said is good news. Let the ball negative (-1): flat, negative. On Saturday 049 La Liga Gijon VS Barcelona 2016-09-24 22:15 has won five straight home court sporting this will usher in Barcelona (official data), this is one of them has 17 consecutive games to defeat the opponent. Greece will be the last time to beat Barcelona to go back to the Cruyff era, when Greece’s current coach, Abelard or Barcelona’s bench players. The game against Barcelona, Parreira and Gomes is doubtful, the team only hope is striker science, his recent play is worthy of attention. The last round of home court was Barcelona Atletico draw, although they face the League coach Simonyi of Atletico still unbeaten, but a draw is that they missed the opportunity to catch up with Real Madrid (data), awfuller is Messi injured. Neymar and Suarez need to show leadership qualities, and at the same time, he will be sent to the side of the, he had a flash in the offensive side of the performance. In addition to the absence of Messi, Umm Titi also missed the battle, Busquets is doubtful. Let the ball negative (+1): negative.相关的主题文章:

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