The second China Design Awards Global Conference

The second Chinese design awards made in the global conference of "Jiangnan Yi, Yi is the most in Hangzhou," she is the landscape shape of the humanities is an earthly paradise at the southern city. In Hangzhou, the "temple months for laurel, energy-saving" in August, China design awards made was a prelude to the second session of the. Grand Prix Conference on September 19, 2016 at the Xiangshan campus of the The China Academy of Art mountain in the grand opening. Grand Prix, experts on behalf of Zhejiang province to promote the development of industrial design work of the joint meeting on behalf of the relevant units, industrial design base representatives, business representatives, key industry cooperation on behalf of the unit, media representatives and the public network registration on behalf of all participate, witnessed the award to the global declared a historical moment. China design wisdom Award (hereinafter referred to as " Grand Prix " English Design Intelligence Award abbreviation "DIA") is the first prize in the field of industrial design in china. The grand prize is sponsored by The China Academy of Art and co sponsored by China Industrial Design Association, Zhejiang Provincial People’s government. Award of "Oriental wisdom, strength and intelligence, life wisdom and innovation," as the core values, advocating regression design made the world origin, creative resources, in order to "master of wisdom, plastic made in future". Lao Tzu said "the wise heart Palace", intended to plan affairs in mind, "Guanzi" said "four can be called wisdom", meaning "wisdom" is to be able to divine justice, know the objective laws of nature run, take advantage of change. And "made", the ancients said, "made, also". "Book of Songs" "four adult with virtue, you have made", so "made" the achievement, creating meaning. "Made" is a creative, Huitong free power, the power of Chester qualities of gas, casting the inner character of DIA DIA, endowed with full enthusiasm to pursue innovation, the courage to break the barriers of the previous behavior and thinking style, motivation of participants, the compassion world, human care into their feelings in the design space, engraved into their bones. G20 DIA let the world attention once again focused Hangzhou majestic and grand southern city "southeast shape, three Wu City, Qian Tang has been flourishing since ancient times". Awards held in Hangzhou, has a long history and a prosperous and rich, full of human feelings and human consciousness spread here growth, strong filling of the Jiangnan weather is rich and colorful, and the conservation of her spiritual sublimation in dancing here, in this vast and bustling ancient charm of the landscape between the birth of communion. Here, the inheritance is the essence, human wisdom and civilization here, "Sanqiu seeds, ten flowers", "sunrise flaming red flowers, spring green river, such as blue". Here, but vivid, picturesque, and China’s biggest Internet company, Alibaba, The China Academy of Art, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Music Institute of science and technology, sitting on a lot of artistic talent and outstanding academic resources of higher education, there are a series of promoting economic transformation and upgrading, promote entrepreneurship and innovation to cultivate new industry dream town, Yunxi the town and the town of Arts and a feature of the town, there are various types of business park in the public business, the call of the national policy of innovation "under the ground. This Z相关的主题文章:

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