The newly built city wall collapsed 8 meters. adobe gamma

Just repaired the wall collapsed 8 meters heavy rains just repaired the walls collapsed 8 meters according to the Xichang municipal cultural relics management director Ma Yuping introduced, at present, the ancient city wall of Xichang’s main project under construction, is expected to be completed until December. September 19th at 4:30 in the afternoon, Xichang city wall repair engineering of C section of the West facade local collapse, after the scene, the collapse of the length of 8 meters, the damaged area of 28 square meters, found no effect on other safety wall foundation, no casualties. Why the wall collapsed? According to Ma Yuping introduction, the ancient city of Xichang in accordance with the requirements of cultural relics protection, to take the traditional process of repair, to the wall of brick masonry mortar, masonry and maintenance of a longer time. Dry and sticky rice mortar slower, need several days to gradually solidified, and all calcification condensation, takes about 1 years or even longer time. After that, they become firm. Since this wall has not yet completed the process, drainage, drainage project has not yet been implemented, in mid September began days of rainfall, resulting in rainwater immersed in the soil wall. In September 19th, the construction side in the maintenance period not to the case, on the walls of the use of large transport machinery, at the site of a large number of transport and dumping of construction materials, due to the large disturbance new masonry wall loose, resulting in some local compression in the construction of collapse. It is understood that after the incident, the project units rushed to the scene the first time, held an emergency disposal site, the construction side, supervision side of strict accountability criticism, and immediately organized personnel to collapse at risk. An iron safety enclosure, closed the scene, and covered with tarpaulin and not waterproof wall collapse, prevent further penetration of rain soaked. At the same time, arrange full-time staff 24 hours on duty, supervision of project quality, technology, safety, etc.. The reporter learned from Xichang City, after the incident, Xichang immediately organized cultural tourism, construction management, safety supervision, control, supervision, construction and related experts, carpet inspection on the restoration of the ancient city of engineering. After investigation, did not find significant safety and quality problems. Has issued a rectification notice to the construction unit, in strict accordance with the ancient technology and process steps, restore the collapsed walls, not blindly grab progress. At present, the collapse of repair project is being carried out in an orderly manner, is expected on the afternoon of 23 comprehensive repair. Chengdu Daily reporter client | Jianglong photo coverage相关的主题文章:

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