The Imperial Palace cultural relics out of the Forbidden City the first 240 artifacts reduction Yang

The Imperial Palace cultural relics out of the Forbidden City the first 240 artifacts reduction Yangxin Temple furnishings – Sohu culture channel JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Ran) yesterday, reporters from the municipal government information office and the Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau jointly organized the "get into the museum has become a way of life conference" was informed that the "240 cultural relics component Yangxin temple the Imperial Palace" for the first time out the Forbidden City for hundreds of years of the palace, and with the use of VR technology, bring through more dazzling like exhibition experience for the audience. It is understood that the "the Imperial Palace Yangxin Temple" exhibition will be carried out in the first blog on September 27th. The exhibition is a great exhibition of the Imperial Palace Museum and the capital museum jointly organized the. The main exhibition building space Yangxin Temple restoration and furnishings, and supplemented by relevant administration, major events, calligraphy and painting, Birthday wedding and other aspects of the presentation, the audience experience pattern and atmosphere Yangxin hall in the museum space, zero distance feeling home country feelings about the emperor, the Qing Dynasty emperor in Yangxin Temple governance activities, daily life and national history. In addition, this year is the city built 740 yuan. In September 9th, the capital museum in the yuan, Yuan Yuan, most of all are held as the starting point, show social and cultural life of the Yuan Dynasty Exhibition "meta" three. It is reported that the capital museum seconded 160 components from the exquisite cultural relics 14 national cultural units, but also makes full use of their own capital museum collection. Beijing Automobile Museum, the Beijing Museum of natural history will also launch the future racing games, flying dinosaurs, the South China Sea Aquatic Resources Exhibition and other popular science activities.相关的主题文章:

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