The fund will be high return key you know

The fund will be high return key you know? Let’s talk about money. A lot of people ask, will need only the profit? The answer, of course, is yes. Fund industry has a saying: "will buy is apprentice, will sell is the master.". Will be vice versa. You know, even if your investment through the bear market, but if the redemption timing is not good, income may be reduced. So, the key of high-yield investment, not when to start, more important is how to grasp the opportunity of redemption. It’s going to have to be a "break point" to help. But the question is coming again. Should we sell all of them when we reach the "profit point"? How to sell more "old driver"? Listen to Xiao Bian said, to reach the "return point" after redemption strategy has three kinds, come to see it! 1 jianhaojiushou contentment, this is the most simple method is to set out, set the expected rate of return of "surplus", reaches the target, to stop the charge (remember to terminate the investment agreement, oh) all the redemption, pocket for security. This method is applicable to clear objectives, investment style conservative investors, after the scheduled end can be a part of investment funds for the redemption of the actual demand, the other part of the investment in lower risk of bond funds or money market funds, but also to open a new investment. 2, the size of the situation, and war and retreat, this method applies to the investment style of positive players. For example, set some high "surplus" in reaches the target, the first stop will be set; one of the existing combination can withstand the maximum decline, when touching the maximum decline, total redemption. The advantage of this method is that when the goal is reached, the existing investment portfolio can continue to enjoy the benefits of the market to avoid missing, behind the profit opportunities. The disadvantage is to always pay attention to the market trend, and when the loss exceeds the maximum loss can be redeemed. If we can’t refuse the temptation to continue to hold or even increase the temptation to keep up the market, we will probably miss the better time to redeem. 3 targeted, partial redemption when investment objectives to achieve revenue, stop investment deductions, and then choose the partial redemption. That is to say in advance to set a "surplus", once the investment combination of the annual yield of more than the "profit", stop investment deduction from next month. At the same time, in the next period of time, according to the changes in the market, the redemption of a portion of the total share of the fund held in batches. The advantage of this batch redemption is that if the market is still in the rising stage after the intended income target is realized, the part that does not redeem can continue to enjoy the benefits of the rising market, while also partially cashing the gains that have been obtained. The disadvantage is the need to regularly pay attention to changes in the market, if the market downturn, not yet redeemed shares may lose revenue and even the principal. Of course! Buddies still need according to their ability to bear risk and expected returns of investment, and the ability to grasp the market trends, choose your own redemption strategy oh

基金定投高收益的关键 你知道吗?我们来谈谈关于钱的问题。好多人问,定投需要止盈吗?答案当然是肯定得。基金业界有句话说:会买的是徒弟,会卖的是师傅。定投亦然。要知道,即使你的定投熬过熊市,但如果赎回时点选择不好,收益也可能会大打折扣。所以说,定投高收益的关键,不是何时开始,更重要的是如何把握赎回时机。这就得靠“止盈点”来帮忙了。可问题又来了,到了“止盈点”,我们就应该全部卖出吗?如何卖才能更“老司机”呢?听小编说,到达“止盈点”后的赎回策略有三种,来看看吧!1 知足常乐,见好就收这是最简单的定投退出方法,就是提前设定期望收益率——“止盈点”,到达目标后,停止扣款(要记得去终止定投协议哦),全部赎回,落袋为安。这种方法比较适用于目标明确、投资风格保守的投资者,在本次定投结束之后可以将定投赎回的资金一部分用于实际需求,另一部分投资于较低风险的债券基金或者货币市场基金,也可重新开启一段新的定投。2 审时度势,且战且退此法适用于投资风格积极的选手。比如设定高一些的“止盈点”,在到达目标后,先停止定投;再设定一个对现有组合的最大可承受下跌幅度,当触及最大可承受跌幅时,全部赎回。这个方法的好处是,在目标实现时,现有的定投组合还能够继续享受市场向上的收益,避免错过后面的获利机会。而缺点就是要时刻关注市场的走势,并且在跌幅超过最大可承受跌幅时要果断赎回。倘若拒绝不了市场继续攀升的诱惑而选择继续持有甚至加码,则很有可能会错失赎回的较佳时机。3 有的放矢,分批赎回当投资目标收益实现时,停止定投扣款,并在此后择机分批赎回。也就是说提前设定一个“止盈点”,一旦定投组合的年化收益超过了“止盈点”,就从下个月开始停止定投扣款。同时在接下来的一段时间内,根据行情的变化,分批次赎回持有基金总份额的一部分。这种分批赎回的好处是,在预定的收益目标实现之后,如果当时市场还处于上升阶段,未赎回的部分还能继续享受市场上涨带来的收益,同时还能部分兑现已经获得的收益。缺点是,需要经常性的关注行情的变化,如果行情急转直下,尚未赎回的份额可能会损失收益甚至本金。当然啦!小伙伴们还是需要根据自己的风险承受能力和对定投收益的预期,以及对市场趋势的把握能力,选择适合你自己的赎回策略哦~相关的主题文章:


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