The double chromosphere 900 million faction Award 2 yuan in the 1500 aspect of the status quo in 4 y

The double chromosphere 900 million faction Award: 2 yuan in the 1500 aspect of the status quo of 4 yuan in the double chromosphere 900 million faction award fiery strikes! Recently, the welfare lottery center issued a notice, will open the double chromosphere 900 million awards in October 23rd! The awards will Shuangseqiu 16124th (October 20th after the sale of lottery lottery, October 23rd) at the beginning of 20 consecutive school awards, the total prize money of up to 900 million yuan. It should be noted that this event for the first prize and six prize for all the use of double bets, including the first prize of the compound lottery award of $400 million, double betting, such as the award to send a prize of $six to $500 million. Reading   Shuangseqiu open 900 million faction Award for sales increased betting threshold?                 Fucai award award – you will send contrast investigation to increase bets?   [glossary] multiple bets, the lottery in the purchase of lottery tickets, choose the number is more than conventional lottery, and multi beam bet betting number. This award is sent, the double chromosphere awards eleventh times since listing. Compared to the 600 million faction award in 2015, the school award in both the amount, scale and intensity of a record high. So what are the highlights of such a grand prize? One bright spot: the history of the school prize money award this school activities is the size of the double chromosphere history one of the biggest, award amount of up to 900 million yuan, 300 million yuan more than in 2015 for! Bonus year on year growth rate is also ranked in the first batch of the first prize. Highlight two: two for the first time in the double chromosphere before the awards, the big send 900 million yuan prize two concepts are introduced for the first time: 1 the awards for the first time on the six prize of award, which is the double chromosphere 13 years for the first time in the history of fixed prize award! Prior to the 10 faction award is only for the first prize in the 1, the first time is the first class of the same time, such as the two award, and the 1 is for the ad hoc awards. 2, the school award for the first time restrictions on the way to bet, the event is only for the first prize and the second prize of six prizes. Highlight three: 15 million 4 yuan, 2 yuan to become the past Shuangseqiu during the 900 million school awards each will arrange 20 million yuan to set up the first prize special award, first prize from the current betting style by winning note sharing. Single pie award bonus 5 million yuan, a total of continuing for the period, the total amount of the prize was awarded to the school for a total of $20, a total of $400 million. That is to say, in the double chromosphere awards, the highest single note bonus is 15 million yuan. As the School Award activities to participate in the conditions of the restrictions, must be used to participate in the allocation of double prize award, so that the maximum 4 yuan in the middle of the 15 million. Some people may ask, why is 4 yuan? First of all, we first clear the concept of double betting (see above). In the double chromosphere multiple bets, the most simple compound is "6+2" shape, is 6 red +2 blue, this small duplex only spend 4 yuan! Highlight four: Welfare Group)相关的主题文章:

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