The car rear end woman off injury was cut off the fire rescue fence (video) shishangqiyi

The woman off "injury" car rear end hit fire cut off the fence to save October 22nd at around 7 pm, Jianyang Expressway (micro-blog) to Chengdu from the Longquan Exit 1 kilometers of the rails, parked a van, against the roadside fence, slightly tilted, and between vehicle and guardrail, came a groan. The woman legs stuck in the middle, unable to move. Around 7:20 in the evening, Chengdu fire squadron immediately dispatched 1 rescue fire engines and 5 squadron officers and soldiers rushed to the scene of the accident rescue. After a preliminary reconnaissance scene found: a large red car will squeeze a woman on the right side of the highway guardrail position, trapped woman kept moaning, very painful. According to the scene, the executive branch will be closed road highway processing, in order to facilitate the smooth and safe rescue work. Fire squadron commander to observe the scene of the accident, the development of the woman’s legs were stuck between the fence and the big truck, the wound has been bleeding. Due to the accident site is located in the downhill section of the highway, so the firefighters immediately use the anti-skid pad to fix the cart wheels, to avoid the cart forward sliding. First, the hydraulic expansion of the expansion of the body, in order to facilitate rescue. And then use a toothless saw to cut the fence, only to get stuck all the barriers to remove the barrier, in order to rescue trapped people. Rescue work continued for nearly 40 minutes, and finally trapped woman was successfully rescued, vital signs, conscious, but more serious injuries to the legs. Its immediate assistance to the rescue of 120 medical personnel rushed to the hospital. It is understood that the woman in the car ride downhill in the process of traveling in the same direction with the front of the car accident, the woman got off to observe the situation when a large truck rear impact, because of faster speed, the brake is not timely, a large truck crashed into the roadside pedestrians, and the woman stuck in between the truck and guardrail. Chengdu Daily reporter Huan small Huai editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading school boys hit the road xiansang Ming fortunately passers-by helping the perpetrators escape相关的主题文章:

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