Sun Nan last night of the Mid Autumn Festival and Chinese people around the world to sing the clouds winpm

Sun Nan last night of the Mid Autumn Festival and Chinese people around the world to sing "the clouds of my hometown" – Sohu   entertainment; Sun Nan finale mid autumn night entertainment Sohu "alone in a foreign land, during the festive season." For drifting away from home, home is "home" is synonymous with the most warm attachment care, is missing and sad haunting tryin. During the Mid Autumn Festival reunion perfect conjugal bliss, a full moon is affecting the wanderer feeling of nostalgia. In order to allow more overseas Chinese to have the opportunity to transfer the homesickness by once a year the mid autumn festival night party, Hunan satellite TV, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival director group specially selected the "extraordinary significance of this first song" cloud in hometown, as the grand finale of the party. This is the first home of the cloud for the meaning of the mid autumn festival night, but also decided that the song must be handed to the heavyweight singer will be able to play. Finally, the big finale fell "King sing" Sun Nan on the shoulder. Sun Nan’s voice loud atmosphere, is standing mainland singer of "big brother", for many years from the power performance, public awareness, by his interpretation of the song "cloud in hometown" is appropriate. And Sun Nan transparent sound and full treble perfect combination, I believe that this will also be the first home cloud brings a new feeling. Of course, in addition to Sun Nan in the music of the super control force to make people look forward to, this is the first "home of the cloud" will once again open the "star – cooperation" mode, from the global Chinese selection of Chinese friends and Sun Nan to attend the concert. "Come back, come back oh, stop wandering", with lyrics similar experiences with the group director selection after layers of good voice, will make this a home cloud floated into every wandering heart. Now, the director group has passed the "sing" cooperation platform, to the global overseas Chinese issued a "home of the cloud" concert for order, in addition to the party scene bright throat Chinese friends, and more because of work or school to go home and family reunion wanderer, have the opportunity through high-tech means, and Sun Nan let global Chinese screen sing, sing a song, the idea of a moon ", a story of the night of the Mid Autumn Festival party. The home of the cloud no longer need to pursue, just gently singing the song of missing. September 15th 20:20 Hunan TV Festival night, and listen to how the overseas Chinese nostalgia for a song, and sing the cloud in hometown of Sun Nan, the most common interpretation of the feelings of the most "surprise"!相关的主题文章:

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