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Suiqian children can participate in college entrance examination? Many provinces clear standards – Sohu education map news agency Yang wave photo today, Heilongjiang merit registration work started in 2017. Recently, a number of provinces across the country have announced the 2017 college entrance examination registration time, which, Beijing, Liaoning and other provinces concentrated in the year of November. It is worth mentioning that, for the children’s college entrance examination enrollment threshold, around the relevant standards have also been clear. In recent years, with the off-site entrance policy to push the whole, college entrance examination immigrants also began to have some new trends, such as the emergence of fake school, hanging school and other issues. So, how to meet the conditions of the children of different college entrance examination green light, how to further prevent and combat the college entrance examination immigrants, has been the focus of public opinion. Previously, 2014 issued the "State Council on deepening the reform of admissions exam system implementation opinions" clearly, further implement and improve the migrant workers Suiqian children’s schooling and entrance examination policy measures. In March this year, the Ministry of education, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued "on the comprehensive management of migrants work notice", introduced a number of measures and requirements of the new situation to combat speculative migrants made a clear deployment. Many parents require legal occupation, stable residence although Suiqian children college entrance threshold is different, however, Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012), Beijing reporter found out, Liaoning and other provinces were against the student and parents’ occupation, legal stable residence (lease) regulations. Such as Heilongjiang, the province residence of the children of migrant workers to participate in college entrance examination, must have the province high school student status and senior middle school in the province for more than 3 years of actual school, parents have a legitimate occupation and stable legal residence (including leasing) in the province. Liaoning also provides that: in our province, there are three years of high school students, and have a complete learning experience (must have a high school enrollment in the province’s initial registration). Parents in our province have a legal and stable occupation and a legal and stable residence (including leasing). Data figure: figure outside the FuZhou Railway Station migrant workers. Zhang Bin photo Beijing: migrant workers Suiqian children can only participate in higher vocational school entrance examination compared to other provinces, the provisions of Beijing more stringent. According to the Beijing 2017 college enrollment notice, migrant workers Suiqian children can only participate in higher vocational school entrance examination. The provisions on 2017 before the release of the "children of migrant workers in Beijing to attend the higher occupation school entrance examination implementation measures", the children of migrant workers can meet the 5 conditions apply to participate in the higher occupation school entrance examination in beijing. The 5 conditions are: – migrant workers held within the validity period of Beijing temporary residence permit (or valid residence registration card, residence permit) or work permit. Migrant workers in Beijing have a legal and stable residence. Migrant workers in Beijing has been a legitimate and stable occupation for 6 years. Migrant workers in Beijing to pay social insurance相关的主题文章:

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