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Small meat acting questioned Zhang Luyi: love idol don’t just look at the face – Beijing strength actor Zhang Luyi as director of special operations in Manchukuo government Bi Zhongliang "sparrow", is an extremely cruel and merciless but for the family, take care of the complex character. This time in the drama idol type with many actors, Zhang Luyi in an interview with reporters for the young actor performance with encouragement, and learn from each other and the young actor modestly said: "cooperation is well, can learn from each other." He also specifically talked about Li Yifeng: "because I know he is a pop star, but not worked, and after this he played the opposite, I think his acceptance and response is very fast, it will adjust their status to adapt to the play a role. So I think there is some truth in popular." Zhang Luyi on questions about little meat acting very carefully, said, "I think they must have their own acting good place, we will not only see a face, they are still young, but I believe that through continuous training and their own efforts, they will reach your heart the target and highly recognized." When a reporter asked, now popular little meat when, as a partial middle strength actor will not feel "breakthrough" will be difficult? Luyi Zhang bluntly replied: "I think the status quo is good, love play their role, and live the life you love. Don’t be someone who doesn’t like you just to be someone else." Now many young actors in the movie because of the busy schedule of late, no time is the use of voice dubbing, the way, which also caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the fans, Luyi Zhang is our own original, when the reporter mentioned this question, he said: "I don’t want to sound affected my performance, so I’d rather hard a little time, a little tired, will personally dub, make their performance more complete." (Zhang Ning)相关的主题文章:

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