Shenzhen tenant smoking fined 1000 yuan by the mall lawyers can not arbitrarily open penalty

Shenzhen tenant smoking was fined 1000 yuan mall lawyer: penalty cannot be opened yesterday, the public Miss Zhou to the newspaper material call 83929999 reflect, she rented a shop in Shenzhen City, Baoan District Haiya Fun City Mall at noon on October 29th, her staff was smoking mall staff caught in the mall, to give her direction the single punishment a fine of 1000 yuan, she felt very legitimate. Reporter to Haiya fun city management units to understand the situation, but it has not responded. "Miss Zhou received the punishment single shopping malls Miss Zhou told reporters that in October 29th, her staff in the shop next to the channel on the smoke, was caught by the mall manager, the day she received the telephone shopping mall, said to her a fine of 10 thousand yuan. Miss Zhou think the punishment was too hard. " ". After consulting the lawyer, Miss Zhou learned that the mall has no right to impose penalties for smoking, shopping malls and consultations. November 2nd, Miss Zhou received a $1000 written documents given by the mall. From Miss Zhou yesterd, the reporter saw, handwritten punishment number, punishment reason is " ", staff smoking; not only the Department seal, signature of the person in charge, as well as in the remark column written on the same day payment " " please;. This punishment, Miss Zhou was very puzzled, " on the basis of the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Smoking Control Ordinance", the punishment should not reach 1000 yuan, and shopping malls have the right to make the punishment of public smoking? At the same time, shopping malls are not given a formal punishment. " Miss Zhou said Miss Zhou also said that because of her shop has been ready to exit the mall, she paid a deposit before leasing pavement, if she does not pay the fine, the other will be deducted from the deposit in her. The reporter repeatedly call the Haiya Fun City Mall phone, the staff answered the phone said it would report immediately, and contact with reporters in the understanding of the situation, but as of press time ago, Haiya fun city shopping malls have not responded. Reporters also call the director of the Department of shopping mall to provide a phone call, the other said " not clear about the matter, to understand and then answer. " the reporter did not receive any reply. After the reporter called the mall phone, Miss Zhou told reporters that the mall aspects of the phone to inform her, a fine of 1000 yuan has been changed to $500. Guangdong Shuo law lawyer Zheng Wei think, according to the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Smoking Control Ordinance", have the right to stop smoking mall behavior Miss Zhou shop staff, the mall can also refer to the tobacco control office in Shenzhen city are reflected by the relevant departments in Shenzhen for punishment, the shopping mall has no right to punishment smoking behavior. At the same time, for the standard of fines, the Shenzhen special economic zone to control the smoking ordinance also has a clear requirement, can not arbitrarily open penalty. Shenzhen evening news reporter Gao Xiangrong editor: GD2相关的主题文章:

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