Shanxi boy was paraplegia after school teacher corporal punishment provided application refused (vid pretty rhythm

Shanxi boy was provided after teacher corporal punishment paraplegia rehabilitation applications rejected at present, Li Longlong can use crutches and a wheelchair. The figure for August 2013, Shanxi jingle County Zhiyuan high school junior high school teacher Li Jianqing Li Longlong was the body "corporal punishment after thoracic spinal cord injury, resulting in paraplegia, can only rely on crutches and a wheelchair. Last year, Li Longlong has been discharged from the hospital, hoping to return to normal classroom learning, but because of the body belongs to severe disability, refused to accept the proposed school into the school, the local education department to provide distance education for their". The school official said, there is no evidence to prove Li Longlong paralysis caused by the inevitable contact with Li Jianqing, the school has filed a lawsuit, hoping to determine the attribution of responsibility through legal channels. The boys started by the corporal punishment of paraplegia after leaving the classroom for 3 years, this year 16 year old Li Longlong has not remember the lesson, but his teacher Li Jianqing corporal punishment was still visible before the eyes. In August 26, 2013, Zhiyuan middle school class six grade beginning 8 days, around 6 pm third class. Li Longlong said that when he was found in the class box was broken by others, with the same table quarrel a few words, was seen by Li Jianqing. Class teacher was a gas, also did not ask what is going on, toward my waist kicked three or four feet. After I kicked him down, he let me stand up and beat my back with my hand." Li Longlong and his deskmate after receiving corporal punishment, have to recognize the mistake of Li Jianqing, and promised not to talk in class. According to Li Jianqing, he left the classroom after class, Li Longlong and other students sit in the classroom study hall. When he returned to the back door of the classroom, Li Longlong and his deskmate had been in the classroom discipline disturbance. He saw two people slap each other, they will call the two out of the classroom. Li Longlong back to the classroom after the depression, has been lying on the desk, on the day of the rest of the 3 classes, at 7:50 in the evening to go home from school. "When I go downstairs, I feel the two legs are a bit empty, my body is floating, I can only hold the handrail". After returning home, Li Longlong will be telling my mother playing things, mother also use "not good-for-nothing" theory for a lot of his education, "Teacher Li beat you is for you, Study hard at school, listen". On the evening of 12, Li Longlong was hurt up, think back a unbearable pain, "I turn to sit up, but not all of a sudden sensation below the navel". Subsequently, Li Longlong was taken away with his family to the hospital for treatment, was eventually diagnosed as thoracic spinal cord injury, belonging to high paraplegia. After the school rejected Li Longlong injured in hospital for treatment and rehabilitation training for two years, he has been unable to walk, but you can use crutches and a wheelchair. In 2015, Li Longlong was released from the hospital after considering their physical condition, worry about the future livelihood, he wanted to go back to school to school. In August 2015, Li Longlong’s father made a request to the middle school students Zhiyuan’s leadership, but was rejected. School officials say, because the classroom is on the third floor, the school does not have the conditions for disabled students receiving school, "the school also lied to my school, so I went to the public school enrollment". In September 7th of that year, return相关的主题文章:

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