Shanghai real estate unified registration system on the first day to accept 3650 9c8814

Shanghai real estate unified registration system on the first day of the admissibility of 3650 yesterday, the Huangpu District real estate trading center to accept real estate registration. The first working day of the morning news reporter Yin Liqin trainee reporter Hu Ying after the National Day holiday, the city has the full implementation of unified registration of immovable property system, real estate registration by the registration of real estate registration substitution, stop real estate and real estate certificate, issued by the real property right certificate and registration certificate. According to the city planning and Land Resources Bureau, the city’s 16 districts real estate trading hall has been fully adjusted for real estate transactions registration hall. As of 16:00 PM, the city received a total of 3650 real estate registration business. Baoshan District, Putuo District, Songjiang District and other regions have issued a certificate of immovable property in the area. The service station dedicated to answer public yesterday, the reporter visited Pudong, Jingan and Changning District Real Estate Trading Center, striking at the door are hung on the "real estate registration affairs center sign, officially to the public service. In Pudong New Area real estate transaction registration center for registration of estate and outside the hall on the third floor, reporters everywhere real estate registration display of knowledge maps and related business processes. The hall was originally placed in Shanghai real estate registration book application has also been signed by the Shanghai real estate registration book to replace the application. According to the public and intermediary site feedback, Shanghai City real estate register and fill in the inspection process inspection and the original is not much out of application, fill in the wall, about real estate information query service guide is also very clear. The road is located in Jianhe Changning District real estate registration center, in the process of service station in the hall, the "real estate registration" for the first time the "real estate registration" "real estate registration quiz" booklet etc. neatly placed, for the public to get through. Changping road is located in Jingan District real estate registration service center, the reporter found that the morning came to deal with the relevant business and the public is not much. A staff of two 2 floor service desk, related consulting occasionally will answer the citizens, "the implementation of unified registration of immovable property, the original real estate still valid?" What materials should be prepared when applying for a new card?" The staff explained, "the original certificate issued by the certified public continue to be effective, no need to replace the new card. As for the preparation of materials, in fact, and there is no difference in the past, you can look at the left side of the desk to inform the single, which are detailed." Change: there were respectively the new system implementation, which in addition to warrant style change, there are a lot of "change" is the public understanding. According to reports, the real estate unified registration system is the most intuitive changes in the style of the issued warrants changed. The main record of the right holder, the common situation, the location of the real estate unit, the type of right, the nature of the right, use, size, duration and other conditions of the right and other information. Prior to the fact that there are many people in the case of real estate rights, a set of housing only issued a certificate of title. In order to meet the demands of the people, after the implementation of the new system of common people can put forward respectively the holder of the application and pay the fee, Registration Center for common people were issued real property right certificate. In the case of a certificate holder respectively, "right.相关的主题文章:

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