Shanghai public credit information service platform exposure 52 major tax cases cashmere mafia

Shanghai public credit information service platform for exposure of 52 major cases of illegal tax Oriental Network reporter Cheng Qi, Xu Cheng, Wang Jiani reports: September 19th July this year, the formal establishment of the Shanghai state tax reform into the 26 joint meeting of the municipal development and Reform Commission and other members of the unit, to promote the first batch of 14 co colleagues data mutual sharing, mutual assistance, mutual recognition of qualifications and management. London reporter learned from the municipal government held a press conference this afternoon, the initiative is currently in the promotion of tax co governance, rewards and punishments to promote good faith and achieved good results. Director of the Shanghai Municipal Taxation Bureau Guo Jianfei introduction, through the "public credit information service platform of Shanghai City, which has accumulated to the relevant units to push 52 major cases of illegal tax information, prompting strict examination of illegal enterprises involved in investment and financing, the government land supply, import and export, immigration and other more than 10 items, starting on the legal on behalf of the 4 households outstanding tax business people stop exit procedures. After receiving the relevant information, the Customs Department of the 1 companies related to the implementation of the credit rating downgrade; banking sector also prompt commercial banks to provide financial services. At the same time, Shanghai to further strengthen the follow-up management of joint punishment. In June this year, the 25 black list of relevant departments of the enterprise will pay taxes, fines, fines to withdraw from the Shanghai tax official website bulletin board, and promptly notify the members of the Joint Disciplinary unit. According to the Small and micro businesses financing problem, Shanghai silver tax cooperation signing has been covering the large state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, postal savings banks and city commercial banks and other 4 major categories of 28 banks, the basic realization of the city’s coverage; information sharing more than 300 thousand signed with the bank, to help more than 1.5 households Small and micro businesses to obtain financing a total of 22 billion 700 million yuan.相关的主题文章:

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