Shaanxi 18 year old girl in a car accident before school still remain unconscious

Shaanxi 18 year old girl in a car accident before school still remain unconscious of western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Zhao Yiwei Zhang Qian) 18 years old youth integrity of a person, the girl can be here to say, but because of an accident, possibly later life are spent in bed. Pei master’s daughter, only 18 years old this year, was admitted to the Baoji University of Arts and Sciences, the end of the first day of military training in the evening from the school gate 50 meters away in a car accident. Pei master: "in October 7th eleven PM received a teacher calls, said the baby was a serious car accident. I and her mother from Huangling in time past the baby has been into the operation room, did not have time to see after the surgery, I see, wrapped in gauze, I just collapsed." Master Pei couples in Huangling life, only with baby daughter but separate half long heard this news. The daughter of Bo had second days to formally usher in their vision of college life, but now lying on the hospital bed. After receiving the first craniotomy, Bo has now transferred to Tangdu Hospital for treatment. Reporter: "next to the lying in bed is Bergkamp, because of the cost, the day before yesterday at noon she has from the ICU to the Department of Neurosurgery Ward, we also noticed that all approached her with a mask, because she is still in a coma, and always have been infected may. In order to revive her, parents also took turns at her side again shouting." Pei master: "Bobo, you wake up, you have slept for a long time, students are waiting for you, you do not have to go to school now." Reporter: "often heard the familiar voice, although not wake up, but Bergkamp hanging canthus tears that she could hear parents worry. Due to serious damage on the left side of the brain, she is likely to become a vegetable." Master: "Pei felt very uncomfortable, he sometimes eyelids blink to us is a wish, she wanted to wake up." Pei master: this photo is the last Bergkamp birthday photos, very beautiful, you may be hard to her bed and the girl together, she has many hopes for the University, she was fond of dancing, it should also be a beauty of the girl, because we also keep your hands still do beautiful nails, but now for her, it was hard to wake up. She said she would go to college to join the student union, to learn to dance, but also with me to ask for money to dance classes, and now she is so, what is shattered." Reporter: "in order to save Bergkamp, early surgery has spent 350 thousand, this is not a wealthy family house mortgage out, they hope that all efforts are not wasted, hoping that lovely daughter can stand up again."相关的主题文章:

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