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The students do not understand RAP   Wang Feng said Jielun inherited the Developed-A people.com.cn entertainment channel — "new song" people.com.cn China Jay Chou team this week to start, nature is little not to sing RAP players, one group of students at various rap Jay Chou, slurred speech, teacher said do not understand what to sing. This is Wang Feng more ridicule and develop the best inheritance of teacher Jay Chou. The low-key combination and Cheng Sijia are four players rushed, these two groups of players to battle, can be said to be roughly the same strength. Their singing, a group is a group of strong sense of rhythm, hot hot, all of them make the audience stood up and interactive, hi the audience burst, even on the side of the station side view was also infected, follow the beat of rock interaction. After singing low-key combination of RAP won tutor Harlem Yu said, "comments from A to Z didn’t understand", Na Ying took the opportunity to tell their students to do comparison, "Neda is the highlight of let you hear rap, I don’t know what they were saying," but she also praised the singing effect is very good, the ability to tilt the atmosphere very powerful. One side of the Wang Feng open ridicule mode, "since Jielun into the door, and absolutely excellent inherited their teacher’s legacy is carry forward." In addition, he also praised the low-key combination of singing techniques, both as adults and as musical instruments. That’s what they’re talking about." Cheng Sijia concert was Fei Yuqing Chan, likening it to the ice skating Olympic Games, I dance imitate various artistic movements, compared with Cheng Sijia singing, he said the most difficult is difficult, but finally safe landing. The two group of players choose to make Jielun puzzled, he is difficult to start, simply send a consolation prize, said the player can be eliminated to his concert as a guest. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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