Please note Changsha chop hand family doctor said to buy buy buy is actually a kind of disease

Please note Changsha chop hand family doctor said buy buy buy is actually a pathogenic Title: Chop hand family note, buy buy buy is a kind of disease regret make impulsive consumption many mistakes afterwards that therefore "cut the hand to resolve I do not buy, or buy buy buy it. Yesterday, experts advise, shopping addiction is a mental illness. Today morning, Hunan Province Department of addiction brain hospital will launch the "chop hand family rescue, shopping addicts can receive free counseling. Case: 90 guy shopping spree 90 guy Liu (a pseudonym) "copy" the movie "Shopaholic" in the life of Fang fang. Yesterday, the amount of money in his shopping cart has been as high as 50 thousand yuan, most of the items can be bought can not buy, only the same style T-shirt into the different colors of the 5. Liu said, he had no money to spend money wasteful, looking for friends to borrow, parents are busy for the repayment of complain incessantly. Two years ago, Liu after participating in the work of shopping behavior is more serious, once buy ten vice fishing rod to colleagues, often with a one-time purchase of several sets of clothes, shoes, also frequent replacement of mobile phone. Two years, Liu to buy clothes, cell phones and other expenses up to about 500000 yuan. Liu said that every time before he felt a kind of invisible push to let him desperate to buy, if the control does not buy, it will be anxious; after shopping, the hearts of the family have a guilty conscience regret. Analysis: buy buy buy is more afraid to lose and follow the trend of Hunan province Brain Hospital (the second people’s Hospital, director of alcohol addiction) Zhou Xuhui said that Liu is suffering from a disease of modern shopping addiction. Shopping addiction also known as compulsive shopping, pathological shopping, compulsive consumption, compulsive spending, shopping addiction, shopping spree, and so on, mainly for the irrational shopping impulse and shopping behavior. According to Zhou Xuhui introduction, from the point of view of neurobiology, shopping addiction and alcohol, drug addiction has a common biological mechanism, are involved in the human brain, happy center". When excessive shopping addicts, stimulate the "pleasure center" to generate a strong and transient stimulation of "peak", so the brain sends pleasant signal, making shopping addicts have some euphoria and euphoria, can also alleviate the anxiety and other negative emotions. Zhou Xuhui said that from the point of view of general psychology, there is a fear behind the madness of shopping and follow suit psychological. On the one hand, a lot of people are afraid of discount when not to buy, after the purchase no discount; on the contrary, can buy high quality and inexpensive things, not only let people have a sense of achievement, but also get the envy of my colleagues and friends, to satisfy the vanity. On the other hand, a lot of people have a kind of follow the trend of the psychological, feel that others have to buy something must be good, an impulse to order. Reminder: how to avoid becoming a chop hand family to remind Zhou Xuhui, "cut the hand" to gradually learn to self impulse control method; develop hobbies, enrich the content of life, to divert attention; experiencing emotional distress, avoid into the shop or shopping site, to avoid emotional estrus control; self positioning accurately, to realize my duty; avoid check erroneous ideas at the outset, "this time", resulting in "snowball" reaction. Chop hand family can also try to change their consumption habits, such as avoiding shopping alone)相关的主题文章:

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