Our sun ring! Charming wife wrote sexinse

Our sun ring! Jiaoxiu wrote "wife" known as the "black Lin Chiling" said the police is a lot of gentlemen’s mind, many Indoorsman had a message in the major social networking sites under the clothes, said want to marry clothes for his wife. However, recently, foreign teachers without warning in the Instagram posted a picture flashed by rings stuck in the ring finger, ambiguous write wife, causing netizens lively discussion. Our 6 day issued a document on Instagram, share a self timer photos, pictures, clothes with a side ponytail, wearing a blue robe, the finger ring is particularly interesting. At the same time, the clothes also issued a document to write a wife two words, and the end of the text marked love pattern. This one, immediately triggered a frenzied discussion of friends, netizens have asked: married?" "Flash marriage?" However, it is reported that her economic man in Taiwan denied marriage, everything just to meet the shooting needs. In fact, Namitano Yui has been longing for to marry and have children, have not revealed before the communication object, only a temporary feeling to work, but her love, marriage is not going to quit acting. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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