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"Marine romance" Chinese theme song MV jikejuan escape warm heart sing "marine romance" MV Chinese jikejuan escape warm heart sing entertainment news, Tencent issued by the China film animation studio, Disney Disney, the Chinese film produced, "Crazy", "super city animal corps", "frozen" original cast to create animated adventure "ocean comedy romance" (Moana) has been set file synchronization in November 25th, the North American release. Today, the film for the first time exposure of Chinese theme song "heart of the ocean," the full length of MV, invited the singer Ji Yi Yi Yi interpretation. To fit the theme of the film, jikejuan escape in MV and in the vast sea rock, sometimes in the tropical island jungle, and other film actress Moana is very similar, and singing with emotion collocation, very amazing. Gold production team to create "Moana" version of Chinese jikejuan escape warm heart sing Disney animation has always been accompanied by a high degree of emotional song sung the theme song, the theme song is very familiar with Chinese. 2013 "frozen" Chinese theme song "let it go" is widespread, for the movie theme development is just perfect. The "ocean romance" by the "black beauty" singing jikejuan escape, as early as November 10th, "marine romance" held a media campaign in Shanghai, jikejuan escape as Chinese theme song singer attended the scene to help out, singing, won applause. The day before the film was finally officially exposed singing jikejuan escape theme song "Haiyangzhixin" full version of MV, so that the long-awaited fans and fans feast for the eyes and ears. As Disney Animation Studios produced fifty-sixth animated feature films, whether dazzling visual effects or theme song MV, "Romance" is a collection of marine production team of international top. The song "Haiyangzhixin" is by Disney’s partner, Hongkong’s famous music producer Chen Shaoqi and lyrics as a producer, "frozen" Chinese theme song "with" it is from the hand. Another was the "bird man", "the Milky Way guard", "Pacific Rim" as the soundtrack of Grammy winning teams. The whole song is not only beautiful and easy to sing, more people do not consciously follow the rhythm and sound, as if in the movie is full of passion and fantasy adventure tropical island. The colors of the MV, jikejuan escape and dressed in a white dress dress, like singing poet in rocks sing belief and bold; sometimes dressed in ethnic costumes, dancing and singing in the tropical island of bright, as exposure to Oceania peaceful island tribe. The theme song "MV new romance" marine exposure fragment audio-visual people arrested the release of the upgrade of the story theme song MV, interspersed with many wonderful pictures in the film, along with "I heard the other side, the horizon call me, do not know how far end point" in the Pacific, a beautiful dream, the heroine Moana sail sail off on a mysterious adventure. Before the notice in the unexposed film for the first time exposed Island tribe ancestors had been sailing to uncover the truth of history. As the time and again to come out of the new classic, "Haiyangzhixin" MV film beautiful picture and melodious songs together, for the concept)相关的主题文章:

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