Liu Meilin song who said the first interpretation of soothing EDM style brock lesnar

Liu Meilin song "who said" the first interpretation of Liu Meilin music soothing EDM "who says" Sina entertainment news September 13th, Liu Meilin [micro-blog] song "who says" the first challenge, EDM new style. "Who says" penned by the producer boy Liu Meilin personally tailored her exclusive EDM style. It is reported that two people had had many times, the first album issued by Liu Meilin, the boy for the production, the renewed cooperation, more full understanding. The characteristics of anti EDM style hot, hot, the song "who says" rhythm rhythm is soothing, ethereal, Liu Meilin used his unique voice interpretation of the song dark tonal style. The first half part of the song to create dark and gloomy mood, a symbol of the girls in the pursuit of the road suffered hardships and dangers on the way, feeling at a low ebb, enter an infinite loop loss and self hypnosis in the latter part of the melody and singing songs; the more firm, a symbol of the girls in frustration after still tenacious courage, follow your heart, to a new journey to the world, shouting: "I ‘ll be fine!" Liu Meilin himself in the recording process, put forward a lot of their own for the song’s understanding and ideas, with the voice of penetrating interpretation of the modern girl in the face of emotional problems irreparable, firm self heart, positive energy out of the haze of the brave attitude. This song is the greatest hero in the world "Liu Meilin" after the stage, once again challenge the EDM genre of the song, the song "start again" meaning, is echoed to the stage she submitted a final report, so before his music journey makes a summary of the significance. A review of Liu Meilin in "the greatest hero in the world" on the course along the way, whether in self growth is still in the stage of experience, have made great progress. Liu Meilin begin to display talents although young, but already not new music, "the greatest hero in the world" this stage can be said to be Liu Meilin in the music on the road an important turning point, a lot of people through the stage and began to focus on her music, many predecessors have also given her a high rating.相关的主题文章:

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