Jerry Yan Lin Chiling love around 14 years woman no one knows him better than I (video) mia farrow

Jerry Yan Lin Chiling: the woman around 14 years. No one knew better than I [Abstract] Zhiling sister heart always have a corner, to love Jerry Yan, the former lover is now back to "more than lianrenweiman relationship.". Jerry Yan Lin Chiling information Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on September 14th, Taiwan’s first supermodel Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan 14 years of emotional entanglements, the latest issue of the magazine broke the news, Lin Chiling appeared C businessman surnamed pursuit, however, sister Zhi Ling heart always have a corner, to love Jerry Yan, the former lover now back "more than lianrenweiman relationship.". According to reports, "said Lin" close friends said, Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan broke up for many years, always keep in touch, two people had deep love for each other is difficult to completely let go, Lin Chiling privately said: "no one knows Jerry Yan better than me." Sometimes he really active opening invited her, but she has unfortunately had to work, leading to the appointment, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Lin Chiling in 2003 before the storm, put love in the first place in life, but the environment makes her career strong, over the years has put the work before love. At this stage, "said Lin" interaction, her career, did not stop with the man, and the man although pestle around, did not try to catch up with her feet. The 41 year old Lin Chiling and 39 year old Jerry Yan love entanglement of 14 years, two people are now back at the "AUO above lianrenweiman relationship" in recent years, composite rumors, Jerry Yan has always been reserved last rare through brokers said: "clearly I am looking forward to you and share the joy of the moment!" However, now out of C businessman surnamed the rival, if Jerry Yan really want to recover Chi Ling sister, might work harder. Against cyber violence! Lin Chiling: emotional control test personal accomplishment!相关的主题文章:

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