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Japan’s Fukushima nuclear sewage countermeasures is expected to progress the original title: Japanese media: Japanese Fukushima nuclear strategy is expected to make great progress in nuclear sewage sewage Japanese government is expected to make great progress. In February 26, according to Japanese media reports, the relevant agencies of the accumulation of the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima plant in Japan’s Tokyo electric power company nuclear sewage to take relevant measures, soon, next month, unit 1 nuclear sewage into the part of the building can be curbed, nuclear sewage Japanese government is expected to achieve greater progress. Japanese media pointed out that at present, the Fukushima nuclear power plant 1 to 4 units of underground nuclear waste water has accumulated, among them, 1 to 3 units of sewage from a nuclear meltdown of nuclear fuel in the reactor plant continuously flow into the turbine plant. To this end, the East power to take relevant countermeasures from September 2015 onwards, in addition to inhibiting the groundwater flowing into the plant, but also with a pump to extract nuclear waste water to gradually reduce the water level, the water level of nuclear waste water unit 1 fast it is expected to fall to two below the water channel is connected with the plant level in early next month. As a result, nuclear sewage will not further flow into the turbine plant. TEPCO said, will be in the repair of the building at the same time, early removal of turbine plant in nuclear waste water. Japanese media said, such as turbine plant within the nuclear waste water to clear, the future management direction will be mainly for nuclear reactor plant, sewage is expected to achieve great progress countermeasure. TEPCO said, the future will prevent nuclear sewage into the turbine plant measures implemented in unit 2 and unit 3, and hope that in 2020 before the 1 to unit 3 reactor building part, all clean up nuclear waste water. Editor: the flourishing SN123

日本福岛核污水对策有望取得较大进展   原标题:日媒:日本福岛核污水对策有望取得较大进展 日本政府的核污水对策有望取得较大进展。   中新网2月26日电 据日媒报道,相关机构经对日本东京电力公司福岛第一核电站厂房内积存的核污水采取相关措施,快的话,下个月1号机组核污水流入部分建筑的情况就可以得到遏制,日本政府的核污水对策有望取得较大进展。   日媒指出,目前,福岛第一核电站1至4号机组地下均有核污水积存,其中,1至3号机组的核污水从留有熔毁核燃料的反应堆厂房不断流入涡轮厂房。   为此,东电从2015年9月起采取了相关对策,除抑制地下水流入厂房以外,还用水泵抽取核污水以逐渐降低水位,结果,1号机组的核污水水位快的话有望在下月上旬降至连接两处厂房的水流通道之下的水平。   由此一来,核污水将不会进一步流入涡轮厂房。东电方面表示,将在对建筑物进行补修的同时,尽早清除涡轮厂房内的核污水。   日媒还称,如涡轮厂房内的核污水得以清除,今后的管理方向将转为主要针对反应堆厂房,核污水对策有望取得较大进展。   东电方面表示,今后将在2号机组和3号机组落实阻止核污水流入涡轮厂房的措施,并希望在2020年之前把包括1至3号机组反应堆厂房积存部分在内的所有核污水清除干净。 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章:

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