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Hunan nonferrous metals industry "13th Five-Year" development planning: 2020 at Hunan channel — trillion by 2020, the province’s non-ferrous metal main business income will reach 1 trillion yuan of non-ferrous metals, everywhere in our daily life. From the clothes on the zipper, to do the mobile phone, and then to take the car, plane…… Is the application and extension of different nonferrous metals in the basic necessities of life. Hunan is known as the hometown of nonferrous metals". According to statistics, the province has proven reserves of 37 kinds of nonferrous metals, including tungsten, bismuth and antimony reserves and other non-ferrous metal reserves have an advantage in the country and the world, tin, lead, zinc, vanadium, rubidium and other reserves in the forefront of the country. With resource advantages and industrial advantages, our province has become an important non-ferrous metal production and processing base. "13th Five-Year" period, the non-ferrous metal industry in our province planning goal: by 2020, the province’s non-ferrous metal main business income reached 1 trillion yuan, industrial added value and total profit reached 300 billion yuan and 150 billion yuan. Nonferrous metals industry is not only an important basic raw material industry, but also an important support for the development of high-end manufacturing. "13th Five-Year" period, our province to copper and aluminum titanium products of high quality and high performance and high added value as the focus, vigorously develop the deep processing, and gradually to the new energy vehicles, machinery and equipment, rail transportation, aerospace, shipbuilding and marine engineering and other high-end manufacturing industry extension. By 2020, the new non-ferrous metal materials and deep processing products of more than 50%; industrial concentration increased to about 60%, cultivate the sales revenue of over 100 billion yuan of 2 enterprises, 3 enterprises 50 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan 10 enterprises. 8 new characteristics of the park, to promote the 50 major projects in our province has more than 3 thousand large and small nonferrous enterprises, the existence of a large number, small scale and scattered distribution and the development of the homogenization of serious, rough machining of products than the major, the low proportion of deep processing products. "Planning" proposed, build around the strategic goal of non-ferrous industry "trillion, 13th Five-Year" period will be 8 new theme park: supporting Zhuzhou Smelter Group Transfer transformation, planning the construction of lead-zinc production and deep processing in the park; Changde Chuangyuan aluminum enterprises as the foundation, the construction cycle of recycled aluminum industrial park in Yiyang Jintian new materials; based on enterprise, the construction of aerospace materials R & D and production in Jiang Hua park; Minmetals rare earth limited company as the foundation, the construction of Jiang Hua industrial park with rare earth; goldensky aluminum, Lantian hi tech companies such as the foundation, the construction of Luxi non-ferrous metal processing industry Park; sunward, Hunan nonferrous heavy machine enterprises as the foundation, the construction of Changsha non-ferrous equipment manufacturing industrial park; to Shanxing antimony industry and Hunan gold group of antimony based enterprises, the construction of antimony products deep processing park To the headquarters of the economic functions of the plate for the layout, the construction of non-ferrous trading and service park. Changde to promote high-end industrial aluminum deep processing, Zhuzhou transfer transformation, Minmetals Shuikoushan gold copper, hard line precision tools, new lead-acid battery energy storage power station, the 50 major projects of rare earth processing, antimony processing, aerospace materials research and development. Cycle of circulation相关的主题文章:

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