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Hilary, who has been able to roll over Mr Trump, will not argue about becoming president. [Abstract] as long as he stands on the platform and plays his part, it will be the greatest victory of all time. "" "" "". She knew the people not to listen to her analytical policy, but to watch her body is unharmed. Trump, on the other hand, is normal. Author: Tang Hao (Tencent · columnist) to eat melon people disappointed? U.S. presidential election debate between the two parties opened the curtain, Hilary and Trump finally have the opportunity to face to face political confrontation. The two 70 year old elderly over the topic include: the direction of the United States, to achieve prosperity and safeguard the security of the United states. Debate moderator, NBC anchor Leicester · Holt in each section will start with a question, each candidate took two minutes to answer in turn. Candidates have a chance to question each other. The debate in its history the highest ratings of U.S. presidential candidates debate (74% of the respondents said they watch), because people think that Hilary and Trump showdown will affect the fate of the future? May not be the case. As far as I know, many voters have decided. The United States to eat melon masses, including those who are concerned about the political experts and scholars, watching the excitement of the psychological but to be stronger. Because, from a purely electoral point of view, compared with the global attention of the debate, its real impact on the general election is not so high. But to the extent that many people are disappointed, the debate is not too dramatic. Trump is not sitting on the ground did not lie, angrily moderator, Hilary did not leave no; because of the pressure, also did not get angry at her husband fainted and mail on the door. There is a policy debate between the two parties. Local time on the evening of September 26, 2016, the U.S. Democratic and Republican presidential candidates Hilary and Trump launched the first televised debate, however, this is the norm in the U.S. presidential election debate. In the past, Obama and Mccain George W. Bush and Kerrey, Obama and Romney debate, the two sides are considered after political showdown. Through the mutual attack between the two, people can better understand the advantages and disadvantages of both policies. Under democratic election, must first be ZhengLve and political showdown, followed by the people vs.. But Hilary basic disk and Trump two people, both in the political level or at the human level, is quite stable, no effect will not be affected by the debate. Of course, in two well-matched in strength basic disk case, those voters were still undecided is very important. In fact, it is those who hesitate voters in the middle of indefinite is most in need of this debate, the undecided voters will vote for their direction at the last minute by some small details to decide to vote, because they think the "vote" itself than "think clearly again vote" is more important. The debate before the poll of undecided voters the proportion reached 20%, much higher than in the past. Since the object of debate is yet to make a decision for the undecided voters, so the world’s media in today’s reports about who performed better,.相关的主题文章:

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