Hengda Matson Mei repeatedly on the black list injustice it qqzb.cc

Hengda Matson Mei repeatedly on the black list injustice it Hengda Matson Mei injustice it repeatedly on the black list

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?? the United States and its Hengda Matson children’s products repeatedly traced to substandard, but each will find some reason to shout "injustice", until the date of Beijing business again exposed, its relevant staff still have doubts about the sampling results to the media said. According to incomplete statistics, so far, Hengda Sen Mei Department of products by the State Administration of quality supervision, industry and Commerce Bureau and the Bureau of quality supervision, the number of times of failure has reached. Hengda Matson Mei also had many different reasons to respond, and sometimes deny prevarication, part of speech easily lead to "law enforcement injustice" lenovo. So, what is the supervision of the competent departments again and again "black" Hengda Matson beauty, or the business management? JINGWAH Times reporter interviewed in the commodity inspection insiders, with its response to the commodity sampling process and related regulations.

? ? Repeatedly checked substandard all kinds of excuses to

?? how much love, Dongguan Hengda Matson Mei Industrial Co., I love my family, and to the White House pineal and many other children’s furniture brand, claiming to be "professional for young children’s furniture service, is the" children’s furniture Kingdom China fully deserve. "". But according to incomplete statistics, so far this year, the United States and its products are Hengda Matson quality inspection administration, around Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Quality Supervision Bureau informed the unqualified number has reached a. Hengda Matson Mei have repeatedly responded, attitude is worth pondering. Specific responses are as follows:

?? according to media reports, the day of 2014, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in the circulation of children’s products random inspection of consumer tips, detected nominal brands as "I love my family" chair (SC001) due to structural safety (holes and gaps) was sentenced to failure. September, Hengda Matson Mei published in the official website statement, called "the sampling of the chair product (SC001) is designed according to the size of the older children, not to adjust the lifting set, this product still belongs to the store display samples, not mass production and sales. In addition, the detection of all solid wood chairs, and the existence of solid wood shrinkage cracking is a normal phenomenon, the maintenance of the store is not in place to install the factors also exist, it is a case."

? 1, said there are objective reasons, a case.

?? 2014 date, quality inspection administration announced the quality checks, Hengda Matson under the flag of "I love my family" and "love" have a substandard product. At that time, JINGWAH Times reporter noted that in love and I love my family’s statement, the two products are turned into "already stop production and sales exhibition of samples" and "as a store accessories product sale".

?? 2 is called a sample or exhibit.


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