Hefei subway ticket and ticket prices are expected to be released this month winlinez

Hefei subway ticket and the ticket price is expected this month to achieve Hefei Metro Line 2 across the board through the hole, in June next year to start trial operation the reporter understands, line 2 Suzhou Road station, DongMen Railway Station to large interval is laid along the Yangtze River Road, left and right line length of 891 meters, the interval is located in Hefei City, Huaihe Road business street near the surrounding traffic pressure, many old buildings and high-rise. In the process of shield construction, the shield machine to side wear small East Gate overpass bridge, ChangJiang Building, podium King Hotel, wear under the coal board dormitory building and Nanfeihe River No. 4. Among them, the shield construction difficulty and a maximum in the Nanfeihe River, Nanfeihe river bed elevation tunnel net vertical distance of 9 meters (including the silt layer). The interval project task heavy, tight schedule, is to restrict the line 2 through the "neck" project. The afternoon of November 8th, with the help of "freezing" shield machine construction technology arrived in DongMen Railway Station in receiving wells successfully through the Nanfeihe River, which is the No. 2 line of the last paragraph has not yet opened the interval, so far, 2 lines smoothly across the board through the hole. The next stage, line 2 will fully enter the laying project and mechanical and electrical installation and construction, railway stations and other public area decoration stage, is expected in the first quarter of next year at the end of line 2 line station renovation basically formed. According to the plan, the 2 line will be launched in 2017 trial operation. Hefei subway ticket and ticket prices are expected to be released this month, the final version of the public concern of the ticket and ticket prices are also expected to be announced in November, the latest in early December." Previously, there are users in the micro-blog drying out a call is Hefei subway ticket card, provided photos from the users point of view, the subway ticket front is green, gathered in the Hefei municipal government, the Qingfeng Pavilion, the twin towers of Hefei Grand Theatre, Anhui radio and television building, Hefei Olympic Sports Center and other landmark buildings. The ancient and modern architecture. In addition, the upper part of the card to write the Great Lakes city innovation highland, the bottom of the left printed with a single ticket in English and Chinese words, printed on the right side of the Hefei rail Logo and words. For online heat transfer of Hefei subway ticket card pictures, Hefei branch of Orbital Corporation operating the source said, is not formal, the public to the official release of the quasi. According to the 3 votes after Hefei Orbital Corporation announced the card front draft design ideas, a new landmark in Hefei as the background, focuses on the landmark of the administrative district, the construction of the modernization of the last stage together, such as Swan Lake, Grand Theatre, the government center of the twin towers, Olympic Sports center, Exhibition City forward characteristic. Program two: convex image of Hefei, such as the appearance of old buildings. Scheme three: from the Hefei history and traditional culture, such as Bao temple, temple like (the part tends to in the late stage). According to the plan, 1 line ticket card design will be handed over to the production company Shanghai City, complete the blank ticket card, and then transported to the Metro Line 1 Zhujianglu Road vehicle control center 2 floor of the ticket center, unified encoding, initialization assignment.相关的主题文章:

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