Hangzhou 1 Salesman arrested one million yuan rent lost contact with the agency to assume full respo yuanmu

Hangzhou 1 Salesman interception million lost rental intermediary companies take full responsibility of an ordinary clerk caused by the dispute, make dozens of families and rental households into a corner (early reports: Hangzhou 1 intermediary involved million lost annual rent rent swallow only pay one or two months) — they don’t know the agreement the clerk is valid; has been malicious interception of rent can not return; they don’t even know that they will not be the landlord to rent out "on the grounds…… After the disclosure of the incident quickly aroused great concern in the industry, a number of departments involved in the investigation. The tenants worry quite disturbed, intermediary companies, "I love my family" sent to the newspaper that said, take full responsibility, start the refund and surrender, the corresponding price by the company to complete, and to carry out self-examination and verification by analogy, to prevent such incidents from happening again. I love my family, a comprehensive agreement to confirm the rental yesterday afternoon rehabilitation work has been carried out, the agency has contacted me, let me bring the agreement to verify the registration of the past." Prior to accepting an interview with our reporter Liu said, I love my family agreed to continue his current rental prices. "I am still satisfied with the way I deal with it, and I know it is about 30% lower than the market price." Money newspaper reporter learned that yesterday afternoon, I love my family, about the aftermath of the tenant, including the recognition of the amount of payment, rental period, the contents of the agreement. Last week we began to take the initiative to contact the relevant tenants to verify the contents of their rental agreement and rental payments, and made a corresponding registration." "I love my family," said the responsible person, due to the large amount of tenants, and tenants haven’t contacted (someone’s clerk made up part of the tenant’s telephone number), so it is not accurate statistics on how many people have been involved in the incident, the total amount of accurate number relates to still can make nothing of it. Salesman intercepted rent means: true and false two sets of agreement to intercept the rent, I love my family salesman problem there are many questions: Why did he hold so much money? How did he get the rent? Where is he going now? The current situation, salesman Xu Ning (a pseudonym) in advance to do a lot of preparation, the use of a variety of methods for his own interception of rent to cover up." I love my family, said the person in charge of the brand, the first 2 months before the incident, the company is aware of the existence of abnormal rental contracts, management has also launched an investigation. "With the tenant to pay a return visit, but some tenants do not contact, contact the tenant to reflect the situation and the company’s book registration in accordance with the status of the (later understanding, Xu Ning with the string of tenants over the caliber)." He said that until last week, the company found that the number of contract agreements more and more, and then check again, this time Xu Ning confessed with the tenant signed a false agreement. Xu Ning himself said the reason is to do so in order to improve the performance of the money has been spent a lot of interception, interception of the total he did not count. According to the money newspaper reporter survey, Xu Ning did not lose contact, after the incident he has been closely linked to the company’s headquarters and executives, and explain, restore the interception after. From his introduction to know the "trick" by double.相关的主题文章:

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