Haining girl encounter master practice can not be described in the scene superrecovery

Haining girl encounter master practice can not be described in the scene of the master said, be sure not to money". It was an "open exorcise" under the guise of cheated nearly 1000 Yuan Wang (a pseudonym). An act that cannot be described. Wang (a pseudonym) told the girl: Master of 40 years old. He also suffered the most hateful to eat tofu. It happened up to now to feel sick, bring it scared, beast boy! Be sure to expose him. Don’t let him do it again! Xu village a women’s clothing store to a "master" girl in Jiaxing Haining Wang Xu village opened a dress shop, one afternoon in two days ago, a more than and 40 year old man walked into her store, said he is Feng Shui master, can give her a look at money, Wang was rejected, but recent business indeed the downturn, with the man Ruanmoyingpao, Wang finally agreed to try, said the Master Wang girl have bad luck, ‘opening’ evil, otherwise later everything goes wrong. There will be this disaster, said let the little girl to prepare some simple props began to practice. The master mage reached into his chest and make Wang master claiming to Taizhou, surnamed Qiu, the number is the number of Jinhua, the master said to write a sign on Wang chest, then his side put in his hand, Wang was said to sleepwalk, it was this big division advantage, then, in the master’s induction, let Wang girl for a cigarette, said originally is put there for the Buddha, the master said to go to the temple to burn out, finally he was put in the bag, the total cost of nearly 1000 yuan wang. The master then said to do good, master medium, etc., according to Wang economic conditions, waiting to pay 3888 yuan, average 2888 yuan, 1888 yuan lower, this little Wang Shicai felt wrong, termination of the master’s demand, eventually cheated nearly 1000 yuan was also master to eat beans rot. Because of privacy concerns, Wang girl chose silence, do not want to alarm, just want to see this warning you, man must pay attention, do not be deceived again!相关的主题文章:

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