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Geological Publishing House earth college opened: create a new service – reading space – Sohu reading in September 19, 2016, the earth science as the theme of the physical Bookstore – earth college officially opened in Beijing. Executive vice president Ren Chao, people’s publishing house, the personnel department of Beijing City Press and Publication Bureau Director Li Chao, Beijing City Development Planning Bureau published the news department deputy researcher Li Shengli, air remote center Party Secretary Wen Guoyong, Liu Yanming Chinese Geological Library Director, Beijing Institute of exploration engineering Secretary Song Zhigang, China University of Geosciences high school party secretary China Chunjiang, geological materials? General Party Secretary Guo Ying, metallurgical industry publishing house Zhang Wei, chief editor of the Peng Mingzhe publishing house, Peking University medical press president Wang Fengting, Beijing Fine Arts Publishing House Chen Gaochao, vice president of the people’s Oriental Publishing & Media Company Limited Lining, the Ministry of land and resources Chinese earth press, Geological Publishing House Gu Xiaohua, and the China University of Geosciences, Datang Mobile, commercial press, Sanlian Bookstore etc. Members of the publishing house of the earth together to witness the earth academy officially opened and organized around the transformation and development of the bookstore. Professional, integration and development of Chinese lishe2 earth press, Geological Publishing House as the host of the Ministry of land and resources in charge of the Central Press, specialized in publishing, publishing and Education (training) public common development, planning of editing and publishing a series of land resources and earth science books and textbooks. In the current "Internet plus" and "integration" background, according to the development direction of modern publishing media group, implement the "double drive" development strategy, the implementation of professional education, and establish a society strong society, diversification, integration and development of business strategy, adhere to the incremental reform, encourage the modern enterprise system innovation, focus on the development of and cultivating talents, and constantly improve the cause of land resources and service level of geological survey work. At the same time, and actively promote the transformation and development of press, from the book published books gradually provide knowledge service, with professional content and technology based on earth science culture, engaged in the development, continuous processing production of a number of derivative products, the implementation of the whole industry chain, vigorously promote the construction of four platforms — land geological knowledge service platform, platform, geological science education the information service platform and gem stone business platform. From "product model" to "user mode", the traditional publishing industry is facing unprecedented challenges. The entity bookstore also suffering in the Internet era, a large number of bookstores because of recession, the market downturn, deficits and went bankrupt. The decline of the physical bookstore, reflecting the light of the ecological reading. Vigorously promote the development of the Internet to promote the traditional publishing to digital publishing transformation and upgrading, it is to see the Internet as a revolutionary tool for productivity, in the publishing industry has been the most fully reflected. In 2014, triple Tao Fen 24 hours Bookstore officially founded, promote national reading since 2014 has been for 3 consecutive years in the "government work report", to carry out extensive reading activities to stimulate people’s enthusiasm for reading, boosting the sales of books. Gu Xiaohua said that in recent years, the state has adopted a number of measures, the introduction of physical Bookstore incentives to support policy, exempt from wholesale books"相关的主题文章:

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