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From meat to acting, Eddie Peng called the niche transition sample understand Miss open eight, I am the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information. After reading "the Mekong River action" of the audience on the performance of Eddie Peng surprise, in addition to the hormone even as in the past, and Zhang Hanyu on the show, his performance is remarkable, gain a lot of praise Eddie Peng as intelligence personnel in Xinwu, beard scruffy, muscle strong, agile skill in his film style is also get rid of the burden idol, with Southeast Asian flavor. During the filming, the media to take the road transillumination, news, Eddie Peng became a vagabond, so that fans can’t recognize it even has always been criticized literature part, can clearly see his progress — his eyes in play. Fang Xinwu in order to kill enmity after the collapse of the scene, and even become a major highlight of the film. Of course, he also made great efforts for the film, fluent in English and Thai is not a short duration of time can be acquired. Breathtaking speed and fighting scenes, almost all is a real star: direct their jump, roll, he seems to fly in the imperceptibly, when rolling when other little meat in the idol niche category, Eddie Peng has quietly started to grow a acting school. In fact, the fledgling period of Eddie Peng, is also a typical flower image in "Kangxi" (video), a cartoon face he called on non human but also know that he is human s always outspoken is directly said he has a vase face during this period he most haunted in Taiwan drama idol, but this does not seem to be on his way out. In early works, he made a male, basically no topic is not red, not more than Ming this idol drama the little prince. A little bit of topic, but he is not a star, such as "love paper", "Legend of Sword and Fairy". In the movie, a little influence is the 2008 "sound practice of love" and "woman is not bad", but in contrast to Xun Zhou, Zhang Yuqi, Lunmei Kwai s, which the actress, he is almost entirely a leaf. In 2009, have not yet experienced fire Eddie Peng had already entered a low, because of scandal and Naoqi termination disputes he recorded his status on the social networking site: fifty million. But also quietly said: I will spend all my heart to actively strive for the role I want to play. He retired in termination disputes, the first is the audience remember the movie "heard". As nonprofessional actors, he love Daniel · Dai · Lewis the great actor acting by way of experience. In the "heard" period, he worked hard to learn sign language, and every day on the bus to observe the crowd, carefully pondering how to play a different character. Although "heard" and did not let Eddie Peng overnight, but after the Eddie Peng, gradually found himself as an actor to open the right way. Finally, in 2011, "roll it, Axin" has become a turning point in his career, in the film as a gymnast Eddie Peng, at the age of 28 began to learn from zero gymnastics, followed by the Yilan gymnastics team相关的主题文章:

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