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Credit fraud Gang drug control the others crippled after the implementation of industrial cheat Economic Development Zone of Changzhou City Public Security Bureau uncovered a "false injury" pengci fraud Gang, a man using drug money to control others, then coerced the compensation for work-related injury or disability, to get on the road pengci. The police dealt with the case of affray, accidentally discovered a suspect, follow it, after nearly a year of careful investigation, and finally destroyed the use of drugs to control others to commit fraud criminal gangs fake injury. Affray was arrested for criminal Douchu "false injury" fraud clues in July last year, Changzhou Henglin police station Wang Hu dealing with affray case, one suspects Yang Moumou for meritorious mitigated punishment to take the initiative to explain, a fellow had their cross area in the forest, fake injuries, blackmail companies a few million medical expenses. Informed of this clue, Lin attaches great importance to the police station. Henglin police station Wang Hu said: "in the last few years, we received many 110 side platform alarm, we also have injury disputes out of the police, the police in the process, we also found that some injuries have a lot of doubts, the company also reported to us, but we have some difficulty in forensic work." Qian Feng, deputy director, said: in fact, in the scope of our entire Changzhou, including such things have occurred too much, is to apply for work-related injuries in the name of false injury, to obtain compensation for the enterprise. Things like this happen too much. Then a is evidence above, the lack of more evidence, the difficulty is relatively large, sometimes it will avoid enterprises, as soon as possible to dispose of this matter, I don’t like the influence of production, and then lose money trouble. So from this point of view, the public security organs to fight things are not much." Yang Moumou information provided for the opening of the district police to detect such cases bring a turn for the better? The police arrested a suspect to find a breakthrough on credit account no money man poison is also compelled to cheat "compensation" at first, the police launched investigation within the city, but found nothing. Then, the police investigators to expand the scope of the inquiry, and finally found a man with a certain experience with the case of Yang Moumou close to the parties. Kyrgyzstan before an enterprise cross a few days on the class, then this time he left Changzhou, Yangzhong police on suspicion of theft is criminal detention. Police immediately rushed to the police there, to conduct a review of Kyrgyzstan, and finally found a breakthrough in him. According to the suspects Ji confessed that he is a drug addict, he a fellow named Ma Hai, he bought drugs from Ma Hai there, but there is no money account, about a month after Ma Hai owed twenty thousand yuan money, is not played by Ma Hai to control more than half a month at home. In order to make his drug money, forcing him to work at. Not long before, let him out of "fake injury" false money debt! Cornered Kyrgyzstan to do. Kyrgyzstan soon in Henglin town to find a large private enterprise work. Which know he went to four days on the accident, then Kyrgyzstan claimed his finger was interrupted in the workshop air blower fan! Can be wonderful, there is a hand blower, simply can not stretch in, not touch blade fingers. The factory is skeptical, but since.相关的主题文章:

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