Employees steal 17 boxes of Apple’s 7 mobile phone accessories worth $230 thousand (video) neogeo.zip

Employees steal 17 boxes of Apple’s 7 mobile phone accessories worth $230 thousand early in October 17th, Wujiang, a warehouse manager of an electronics factory, in the inventory of goods, suddenly found more than a dozen boxes of Iphone7 mobile phone accessories gone. A total of seventeen cases are stolen, there are large and small mobile phone backlight, some $9 worth, some of the value of $11, a total of two hundred and thirty thousand yuan. Security guards on duty, in the evening of October 15th, and did not see any suspicious personnel access, but also did not see what people have been transported. So, these mobile phone accessories are who took it? By looking at the monitor, the warehouse in the evening, a factory staff dressed in uniforms, causing the attention of the police. Monitoring screen display, the man in the warehouse after a turn, they began to have a mobile phone accessories box, to the corner of the warehouse. Subsequently, through the comparison of monitoring, police found that the man entered the warehouse door, holding an empty bag in his hand. But when I go out, the bag is full of things. Police judge, the man has a major crime suspects. Just in time for the investigation, the police in the vicinity of the plant monitoring, and found an accident. According to the license plate number of the police, the suspect will eventually be arrested in October 19th. Originally, a high more than and 20 years old this year, in October just to enter the factory work. An account of the high, the night of the incident, he first fitted with mobile phone accessories cartons, moved to the monitoring area. Then they took the bags out of the warehouse with a bag. It turned out that the walls of the factory with the iron fence, leaving a large gap in the middle. Coupled with the perimeter of the wall is just monitoring blind area, so the suspect can take advantage of the machine. At present, a high has been under criminal detention. Extended reading: Shenzhen customs cracked nearly billion mobile phone accessories smuggling case (video and articles unrelated, for reference only)相关的主题文章:

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