Driver sent an exclusive picture of a taxi in Chongqing suffered landslides (video) ca1810

The driver sent exclusive photos of Chongqing taxi suffered landslides on November 9th at 2:51 in the morning in Chongqing Jiangbei Road near the city of Sichuan Haier Baokan landslides Stonehenge just hit a taxi to witness Qin public news to provide clues to concurrent scene photos landslide located in the direction of the city a lot of debris from the sea Erlu Baokan on down the highway local residents "at the time of movement very scary when the landslide occurred just a taxi parked on the roadside instantly debris rolled it into Transformers, although the taxi has been completely scrapped but fortunately the taxi driver unscathed 630 material brother learned that the taxi is early morning shift before a driver to go after a few minutes before the driver to escape the scene rescue workers said there is still a lot of landslide safety hazards were temporarily Double pass traffic drivers notice view traffic due to landslide area gas, tap water, electric power network construction difficulty facing subsequent row crisis related departments are not small and the construction project progress and complete new road construction please pay attention to the Chongqing TV news channel broadcast video file for further reading, has nothing to do with this article real landslide site the earth trembled and the mountains swayed相关的主题文章:

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