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Drink milk vomiting and diarrhea in Hunan 62 students sent to the hospital – public welfare – People’s network, the evening of 6 ambulances to the school to pick up the patient. Students receiving treatment in hospital. For respondents figure JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wu Hongli intern reporter Han Xueyan) yesterday, Yuanling County of Hunan Province, Huaihua City, a seven Xi nine school students parents, children in school drinking allotment of "Jin" brand of milk after the stomach pain, vomiting and other adverse reactions. Local county government informed that the school a total of 62 students and 3 parents were sent to hospital for treatment, after a preliminary diagnosis, suspected of eating milk caused by acute gastrointestinal symptoms. Cause of the accident is under investigation. Students drink milk after collective discomfort, the parents of the students Tao Li (a pseudonym) told JINGWAH Times reporter, his daughter read the sixth grade in seven Jia Xi nine school, the day before 8 pm or so, he received a phone lover, that children in school meals drinking milk after the onset of symptoms, and dozens of students together. The number of ambulances were sent to the county hospital for emergency treatment, "said the child, the milk sour and bitter drink, soon began to abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting". According to the parents, after the incident, some slight symptoms of students were sent to nearby seven a Creek Township Hospital, students have serious symptoms for treatment on the day before yesterday afternoon, the evening batch was sent to Yuanling county hospital and Yuanling People’s Hospital. Parents in the video, in the hospital beds and medical chairs, more than the hands of the students cover the abdomen, pain, is undergoing medical treatment. Yesterday afternoon, the Yuanling People’s Hospital emergency department staff told reporters that in the Department from 4 children were diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis, are receiving infusion therapy, the situation has improved significantly. Start the emergency plan for food safety accident yesterday afternoon, according to the Yuanling County bulletin said, 6 around 3 pm, Yuanling County occurred in suspected acute gastroenteritis cases caused by the consumption of milk, the county He Ping Xiang Jia Xi seven nine university students to reflect the consumption of milk after the break abdominal pain, vomiting, a total of 62 students and 3 parents were rushed to the county people’s Hospital and the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. After the initial diagnosis, suspected of eating milk caused by acute gastrointestinal symptoms, no severe cases. After treatment, at present, 35 students have reached discharge standards, is being discharged procedures, the rest of patients with stable vital signs, symptoms disappeared, rehabilitation. Informed that after the incident, Yuanling county government has launched emergency plans to set up a food safety accident, emergency command, set up the accident investigation, accident treatment, medical treatment and comprehensive coordination group. County food and drug administration, education, health and other departments quickly dispatched personnel rushed to the scene, diagnosis and treatment of the patient, and carry out the cause of the accident investigation, the suspected problem items were sealed and submission. At the same time, the organization of the county’s primary and secondary schools to conduct a comprehensive inspection of food hygiene, food safety and health to ensure that the county’s primary and secondary school students. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. The students involved milk exposure is not the first time the parents said, the school students to drink milk as "milk Jinjian students", the school for students nutritious meals allotment. On the same day, students receive a one-time 10)相关的主题文章:

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